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M42 CKL62 LW for comment

Article about: Hi, Comments appreciated on this M42 CKL62 Lot#5612 LW thanks. Decal and chinstrap are sus, liner, pins, shell and paint look ok. Thanks Annoyed from this ads?  

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    The entire helmet has been restored. The only authentic part of it is the shell.

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    tbk0000 start with the decal. It is a clear modern reproduction and not a very good one at that.
    Then go to the paint. It is not a paint colour used at all by the maker at the period the helmet would have been painted.
    So two obvious signs it is a rework.
    Liner, chinstrap are also reproductions. Then the pitting clearly shows it was in poor condition then restored.
    Best to not deny the obvious and return it asap for a refund.

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    That "saw tooth" effect on the decal is particularly bad, how on earth would anyone look at that and think it was a good idea to put it on any helmet? A reasonable re-enactors lid but no more. I did not look to closely at the liner I must admit, looked as though it may be a "pig skin" type but on closer inspection the liner band appears very thin and the draw cord is a duffer. Leon.
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    Quote by helmet2id View Post
    The decal is absolutely fake. The lot # is in the 5800 range, very late War, so the paint is bad. I don't like the liner or chin strap either. The shell is real, but in my opinion, the rest is post War.
    agree! . Chinstrap and decal are Fake and the blue paint looks post war done!

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    Thanks for the constructive feedback guys - yes it is a post-war rework. As I said at the beginning I thought the decal and chinstrap were suspect - finally remembered my WHW password and was able to find a direct match for the fake decal and a real chinstrap marking for Wilhelm Ellers Jr. to confirm that they are fakes. As the liner pins were already loose I took the liner out - pins are old and unmarked and the shell has been repainted post-war over the original dark grey. Liner is stiff pigskin with pigskin reinforcements and a B0.56 marking inside - outer band has some age with a poorly stamped makers mark (no date) - can't tell about the inner band although it looks a bit small for the outer band - probably put together with a combination of original and post-war parts. Didn't cost me that much so I'll strip the shell to se what it's like underneath and refurbish it properly. Thanks again.

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