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M42 grey over painted

Article about: HI Chaps I felt a bit like the chaps out of american pickers to day I was invited to my friends barn here in the UK to look at some bits that had been there since my friend could remember he

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    Grey color was navy related i believe i read somewhere. (or has the altzheimers finaly caught up with me)
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    Circuit advertisement M42 grey over painted
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    At 44yrs..? Better hope not !
    Shipboard grey was a km color but i doubt this is it.
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    Hi, looks like an ex Luftwaffe M42 to me that has been messed around with post war. The shade of tan is not the "pinkish" type for a DAK helmet and it seems a bit light for the Mediterranean shade. There is also black paint around as well, so my guess is that this one has been painted various colours post war for display purposes then stripped back. I to have never seen an RZM stamp like that in an M42, cannot think why it should be there either, other than another post war addition. The chinstrap does however look a bit like a Polish one, they were often period applied by troops as they were thicker and more comfortable than the issue ones. Leon.
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    CBH is online now


    Some nice finds Steve , how many helmets did you find ?
    Anything else military ?

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    HI CBH
    In all I got 7 helmets : 1 BMB 1944 HSAT , 1 BMB MKI 1941 rimless helmet , 1 MKII Tommy helmet 1939 dated and rough liner and nut bits , German M42 ( In this thread ) , 1945 TANK CREW HELMET , 1 German M16 and 1 US helmet no liner which was near the door then some British webbing and bits thanks for looking steve

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    CBH is online now


    Thats I nice find , the M16 and the Para are my favourites . Good luck in future Hunts .

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    I agree with Leon. A LW lid with post war applied paint that has been stripped off. Is it certain the stamp on the liner is an RZM stamp? It does not look exactly like the RZM logos I have seen. Could it be something else? NH

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