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M42 Heer

Article about: Hello , I must admit from these new pictures that there does appear to be quite a gap to the liner and shell. What do the pins look like? Do they appear to have been opened and then closed a

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    It's been suggested to me that the slight ripple in the rear pin was possibly caused by a pinch by the liner band due to jarring and movement in everyday use. Another possibility i guess

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    I like it, pity you can't make out the maker/size stamping, but that does not detract from the helmet.
    From what I can tell, it looks to be a Huber Jordan & Koener thin wing Heer decal, so my guess is either NS or EF as maker.


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    Thanks Brad, you are correct. It is an EF. It's definitely an interesting one, and I like it too. On a side note, I contacted the previous owner of this helmet as it was sold to me as an EF66. I'm almost 100% certain it is an EF68. I have a Q66 which measures 23cm across skirt to skirt, this one measures almost 26cm.

    Does anyone have a size 68 they can compare?

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    Quote by NineLives View Post
    It's been suggested to me that the slight ripple in the rear pin was possibly caused by a pinch by the liner band due to jarring and movement in everyday use. Another possibility i guess

    I would humbly disagree with that theory. The pin would simply push back out the hole before it bent. Don't get me wrong it is a desirable size shell, but in my opinion it does not have the liner it was issued with.

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    I have been restoring German Helmets for years and I like to do transitionals/reissues, WW1 shells with WW2 components for anyone who is not familiar with the terms.. Now as I am sure some here will be aware, This sort of liner issue is much more common with those transitional/reissue helmets as WW1 standard quality controls where not quite on par with there WW2 counterparts so sometimes there would be issues getting WW2 M31 liners in the corresponding WW1 shell size fitted hence they used smaller liners and now I can fit liners absolutely no problem. No tools or assistance needed I have a good method and get the pins nice and tight every time and I can have a liner installed nice and tight no problem in a minute or two! But now when your fitting a smaller band with the same size pins, Meaning now you have less pin/prong to work with and your trying to get it as tight, In a larger helmet also meaning you have less grip/reach on the pins. Its ruddy hard work and a heck of job to do and to get it right. I nearly always have to readjust/tighten one of the pins after getting all three set in and I get the exact same effect in the pin as was pictured on the helmet in this thread when I do so. Like it has already been said we will never know 100% and we can only speculate like we do, But either way I think its a cracking and unique lid! Cheers, Sean.

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    Thanks guys for all the responses! It's definitely a controversial one. I agree thats its very possible that this was not the original liner that was issued with this helmet, but I do believe that this liner has been in this helmet for a very long time (possibly a war time replacement). The reason I believe this is due to the rub marks on the inside of the shell (see pictures) that line up perfectly with the liner band. These rubs do not look fresh to me, and show signs of rust. Secondly, the two liner pins on each side of the helmet are perfectly straight, and show no sign of tampering

    M42 Heer
    M42 Heer

    Here is the same effect in my M40 Luftwaffe helmet which is totally untouched with all liner pins untouched

    M42 Heer
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