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M42 Heer Ckl 64 for opinions

Article about: Here it is, coming up on the holidays. We've been paying off some credit debts, getting much of the Christmas shopping done. I've been feeling pretty good about the fact that we've managed t

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    Nice honest looking helmet and a great find! Almost a near perfect decal

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    Interesting 'blood' spatter pattern...never seen anything like it in a helmet liner.

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    Another interesting aspect of this helmet is the tilted decal. I just noticed it last night, and the seller tells me someone was interested in it just for that aspect. They told them they didn't have a tilted decal Ckl yet. I wonder if there were a few batches that went out like this on purpose or if it's a factory error? It sounds like it's not unique to this helmet though, so there may be a story behind it somewhere.
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    Just poor application I think.

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    I think you're right. I did some searches on variations of decal application on helmets and it sounds like it's not uncommon to find misaligned decals. I assume it probably becomes more likely as the war goes on too. It makes sense I guess, when you think about the pressure to churn these out over time, and how Wehrmacht command started having factories cut out certain steps like the separate air hole rivets in the M35, and then the edge crimping once they hit these M42's, to increase production. I don't know if forced labor was involved, but I assume it very well might have been. They probably cared a lot less about how the decal looked than making sure helmets were being issued.

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    A very nice helmet for your first Heer. Congrats.


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    I now have this helmet in hand! Updated/new photos in my original first post.

    Some things of note:

    The liner band is stamped Schuberth-Werk K.G., D.R.P, 1943

    The liner band is stamped 64 n.A / 57

    The leather liner is stamped 57 in a circle, and by the font I believe it is also a Schuberth produced piece.

    The rivet/split pins are kind of loose. The rear exhibits a gap where it's not tightly holding the liner band down though it doesn't have much play, and left front is sticking out a bit (you can see it a bit in the photos). I don't think in the case of this helmet it is evidence of tampering though, as the liner is very dirty between it and the shell, everything matches, and the liner and liner bands match in size and maker. I also understand loose rivets aren't necessarily a sign of tampering anyway. I didn't get great photos of the inner pins, as the liner doesn't have much play and I didn't want to force it and damage anything. So, the photos shown are the best I felt I could safely get.

    The chinstrap barely has a visible stamp. I can't make out the number, but above it is the text "RBNr" I think. Not sure what that stands for or who made this one.

    There is an acceptance stamp inside the shell. It was not applied cleanly, so it's about impossible to make out. I "think" it is a "Abgennomen, Wehrmacht - Bechaffungsamt, Bekleidungs und Asrustungs, Abnahmestell Thale" stamp though.

    I was told the decal is actually a rarer variant ET decal found only on 1943 ET shells called "double feathers", exhibiting a printing error causing fatter upper feathers than usual.

    Over all, I think this helmet is the same as the day it was picked up off the battle field. I admit I'm a beginner at helmets though, and welcome any feedback to the contrary. It is actually nicer in person than it is in photos.

    Thanks for looking!

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    RBNr stands for Reichsbetreibsnummer. Ade explains it well here in this link.

    The Reichsbetriebsnummer RB numbering system.

    Great helmet and I would not worry at all about the loose pins IMHO. I have a Tranny helmet that rattles like crazy and appears to be untouched.
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    Great info. Thanks MAP!

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    A very nice helmet!

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