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M42 Heer Helmet

Article about: I am here to show THE BEST helmet I have ever seen, and am proud to own. This is a late war model 1942 single decal Heer steel helmet. The maker is unknown due to a light strike of the numbe

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    I'm sorry and hope to be wrong but I have a problem with the decal application and may be the shell maker too .
    Given the way the shell is pressed , it looks to be a ET/CKL which never used HJ&K decals
    Another point is to check if the scratches run under the decal as it seems . Don't forget HJ&K decals , like strache , are easily avaliable and have been widely post war applied . It's why I am cautious and wait for more infos

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    Decal looks post war applied to me. The scratches on the left bother me. I would expect to see part of the decal missing with a scratch like that. A better decal shot would tell for sure, though.

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    Here are more pics of the decal. My theory is that maybe this helmet was refurbished towards the end of the war, or was sitting on someone's desk or in their foot locker for the duration of the war, and a GI picked it up, or something like that. I do believe that this helmet is a good one.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M42 Heer Helmet   M42 Heer Helmet  

    M42 Heer Helmet  

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    It looks a bit too new to me.... Now that I see the straight on

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    Still a great lid and if you don't get wound up about when the decal was applied then I don't see a problem. Congratulations to you sir!

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    I don't have a good feeling about the decal. The graphics just don't look right.

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    The decal is bad imo
    Ask youself this........if it came from a well known dealer and you paid 550 for it. And i take it thats dollars? Then believe me he will know what it is and its worth. There are no friends in business.......well not to that extent. The helmetis worth in excess of 1k all daylong. I dont like the bubbling under the decal. I could be wrong.....😃

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    Still a great lid and if you don't get wound up about when the decal was applied then I don't see a problem. Congratulations to you sir!
    Even if the decal is bad, it's still a great condition lid, with a minty liner, so I still feel as though I got a good deal. Maybe I will get it appraised by Ken N. or Kelly Hicks, or someone like that sometime.

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