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M42 Heer Helmet Question

Article about: I think you nailed it Adam: the German helmet is definitely one of WWII's iconic images!! I concur with what has been said: I would pay a little more and get a nice looking helmet. There's s

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    Default M42 Heer Helmet Question

    Hello All,

    Firstly allow me to apologize as I do not at the moment have photos to attach with this post. My uncle would like to sell his M42 single decal heer helmet and is wondering what these are going for these days. By "going for" I am referring here to non-dealer/private collector-to-collector sales on the forums. I realize condition is key and without photos this is difficult (and usually subjective to potential buyers) but can anyone give us an idea? His example is all original with the liner & chin strap intact, some minor scuffing and an 90% intact heer decal.

    Many thanks for any help!


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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question

    G'day Adam

    I used to pay AU$500 for one you describe 15 years ago if that helps? AU$ is a little over the US$ at the mo. I believe you can still pay this much for a decent M42 SD
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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question

    Price depends on a lot of things. Condition of the helmet as a whole, conditon of the decal, condition of the liner and chinstrap, the manufacturer of the helmet, any repro parts, get the idea. Sometimes people say items in the collecting world are only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and can afford to pay, and of course some people have more money to spend than others. You could be looking at anywhere from a couple hundred up to 1,000 to 2,000. All depends. Post pics for an accurate price range, and because we'd love to see the helmet! Check some of the helmet threads here to get an idea of what parts of the helmet to show with close up pics.

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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question

    Hi Adam....yeah man: pics are a real must here.....I would ball park it around $600-$800....but it could be could be less. Pics will be the telling factor. All the best budy!


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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question

    Many thanks for the comments, guys. He may or may not sell it... Regardless will take photos when I see him at Christmas and since he is less than saavy with digitals and the computer.


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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question


    Regardless of what my uncle does with his M42 SD I must say that this has ignited something in me. I don't think I have it in me (or in my wallet!) to start collecting another area beyond buckles and DRK but I am curious. Of course no offense to the choice & advanced collectors here, but I think I'd probably like just a semi-relic condition or no liner cheap helmet to display with my relic pickelhaube. Cannot get the thought out of my head that one might look great on the bookshelf. The German helmet, for me along with SA daggers, are an iconic piece of militaria not to mention the image most associated with WWII. So a question here that will further reveal my novice understanding of these... I apologize that I'm being a bit lazy without searching the forum. What seems to be the most popular type? For some reason my eyes are drawn most to the M35 and then the M42. Secondly, I am curious what a helmet like the one attached (be kind to her!) should cost me. I may be swiftly corrected here, but I believe this one is an all original M35 shell with remnants of double decals and some kind of paint (camo?) Thanks again for all the previous help and for any further thoughts Best, Adam
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M42 Heer Helmet Question   M42 Heer Helmet Question  

    M42 Heer Helmet Question   M42 Heer Helmet Question  

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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question

    That helmet shouldn't cost you more than $100, maybe even less. Honestly if your looking for 1 iconic German helmet and dont care about liner look for a nice M42 single decal Heer in good exterior and decal condition with a bad or missing liner and no strap, cost would be $3-400, maybe 5 for a real nice exterior condition helmet. Much more pleasing to the eye and the M42 is considered by many helmet collectors to be the iconic German war helmet.

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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks very much for the sound advice. That's probably what I'll do then...may just have to wait a while for one at a good price and that meets that criteria. That's interesting about the M42 being widely considered the most iconic. I thought I had heard that before about one of the models but couldn't remember which. Is there any reason for this do you think? Perhaps since it emerged in the middle of the war and saw the Germans through to the end? Does there seem to be collector preference between the remaining two models for some reason?


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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question

    Yep the M42 does have the sharp look

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    Default Re: M42 Heer Helmet Question


    I agree with Doug. If you desire a shell with no interior parts, $3-500 is a good range. If I my add, if you are looking to purchase just "one" good iconic helmet to perch atop your shelf, relic or otherwise, I would save up about $500-$1000 and invest it in a nice piece, maybe with a nice intact decal. That might seem like a big chunk of change (and it is!) but trust that you would rather make a big investment in a great piece than spend a small investment on a mediocre shell with no guts. The appreciation will be much better should you decide to sell it down the road. Good M42's, some with and some without decals, will pop up from time to time in that general price range. On the other hand, buy what makes you happy, that's part of the fun with collecting. Good luck with the hunt!

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