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M42 Helmet Shell

Article about: Here is a recent addition, The maker is stamped too lightly to identify, but it's a 64. Apparently it was stored in an attic for the last 60 years, and was a Vet, a Medic, bring-back from th

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    Although it is an ok shell, I agree with Frank on this one. You say there are no decent lids for 500-600$. They are around, you just have to strike it lucky. If a dealer wants "good stock" where does he get it from? From the collector. And the collector wants as much as he can get for his lid. There's nothing wrong with that, but it means the dealer has to pay top dollar for a decent lid. Most dealers I know don't put a fabulous amount on top. Just enough for a profit, after all it's his business, and he has to eat, just like you and I. you will find that it is a small collector world, but an even smaller dealer world

    There are very few full time dealers. I would say at least 80% are part time.You've got the big boys that try their arm on prices, but by and large to a dealer its all about money. Why over-price something if it won't sell. Some "dealers" do not know the right price for helmets, and immediately when they see it's TR they up the price. To me, that is wrong, you have to price these things according to demand and condition. Gone are the days when you could pull helmets out of the wood work, most, if not all have been in collections for a long time.

    The helmet you showed at the beginning of the thread, is a good "starter" helmet, and i hope it was cheap. But if you seriously want to collect helmets, spend a bit more, and you'll be surprised how good it makes you feel.
    Just my tuppence worth

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