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M42 luftwaffe fake decal ??

Article about: Hello my first post and this is my question its fake ??

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    Default M42 luftwaffe fake decal ??

    Hello my first post and this is my question its fake ??
    M42 luftwaffe fake decal ??M42 luftwaffe fake decal ??

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    Circuit advertisement M42 luftwaffe fake decal ??
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    Welcome to the forum the decal looks ok to me I'm sure more experienced members will be along soon.

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    M42 luftwaffe fake decal ?? ?

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    You need to post bigger, better & more detailed pics if you expect to get a useful opinion.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Welcome aboard.
    Printing errors on decals were not uncommon, but too hard to tell with these photos.
    Like Jerry suggests, bigger, and better quality photos are needed to give an opinion.
    Check out some of the other threads to see what we are referring to.


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    Hello , welcome to the forum , Luftwaffe decals are not really my thing ,but although the upper wing detail is not that great I do like the way the decal is "bedded" down to the steel. It certainly looks as though it is period applied so I feel it stands a chance. It does not stand out as a one look fake to me as so many do, I am sure a Luftwaffe decal expert will be along soon to help, Leon.
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    thank for replys and i cant get better photos ;(

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    If those are the best pics you can obtain than its best to walk away.

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    I don't think you need better pictures, the decal is bad. Jim G.

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    Look like a bad decal to me. Walk away!

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