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M42 Militaria Fair pickup today

Article about: Hi guys, bought this a couple of hours ago (i'm aware of the damage on both sides), for a reasonable price due to the earlier mentioned issue. Is there any red flags with the pigskin chinstr

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    Hi, thanks for your pictures. I think you're right actually.


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    Hello again sweguy, I had a quick look in the lot number book and although your number is not recorded, there are no SS helmets listed anywhere nearby, only LUFTWAFFE and HEER single decal. That said very close by(ET66 185)are listed two lots that may have been HEER single decal lids or RAD double decal! As we all know , the lot number book is not a "set in stone" reference , only a guide. Leon.
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    Hi, and I really want to thank you for taking time (sorry for my late answer). The only thing I just cannot understand is the argument for the paint not to be orignal, I mean just because there's a big area that has been exposed doesn't mean the paint is post-war? I just wonder, cause you seem to find the paint good but the big gap turned it down, or have I missed something?

    Not assuming it's original cause I have small experiences with camos (although I like it). Just want to know your thoughts.

    As said hope you don't find me rude.
    All the best Al

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    Hi again and hope you have a happy easter So I turned the leather inside-out and photographed the inside. It seems like when the camo was painted they also painted just the top of the inside dome, as you can see it meeting the first layer of original paint. Could the first layer be luftwaffe-grey?

    Anyway, I would like your further opinions. Actually once again I think the camo matches the overall patina as seen in the dome when the two components meet.

    Thanks Al

    ATTACH=CONFIG]677459[/ATTACH]M42 Militaria Fair pickup todayM42 Militaria Fair pickup todayM42 Militaria Fair pickup todayM42 Militaria Fair pickup todayM42 Militaria Fair pickup todayM42 Militaria Fair pickup today
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M42 Militaria Fair pickup today   M42 Militaria Fair pickup today  

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