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M42 ND from Denmark?

Article about: Hi! What's up with this M42 ND? The seller says the family got it from a friend who picked it up in Denmark Mai 1945. The outside looks ok but what's the thing with the silver-ish paint on t

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    Thanks, would you call this a woodchip camo or am I wrong?

    Thanks Al

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    Circuit advertisement M42 ND from Denmark?
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    I can't see any woodchip in there so I'd say it's had finely grained sand mixed in with the paint, just like you suggested --- I've seen several similar examples on norwegian forums. Would be interesting to hear other comments even though.

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    The glare from the sun makes it difficult to read the paint and texture. The best photos are usually taken on cloudy days where glare is at a minimum. Can we get photos of the inside of the split pins?

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    You've got a point there slados

    Thanks for the tip Helmetone! Here is some pictures taken at my balcony, the rivets looks untouched IMO:

    M42 ND from Denmark?M42 ND from Denmark?M42 ND from Denmark?M42 ND from Denmark?M42 ND from Denmark?

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    I still can't bring myself to say anything other than that I like this one --- if you picked it up at a price that was good even if it had just been a regular m42 nd I'd say you got yourself a bargain!
    Looks like sand has been mixed into the actual paint before application, I have also seen examples here in Norway where paint was applied and the helmet was subsequently dipped into sand... giving the texture an even more natural look.

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    Thanks, I'm glad you like it As far as I can see the helmet firstly was painted field-grey, then the soldier painted the inside of the helmet for some reasen grey-blue-ish with brush. After that the helmet got another layer of green (with sand). Why I am so sure about these steps is because, when you look at the Brim you can spot some Grey paint from when the inside was painted the second time. And the green color is painted above that. So the inside is for 100% sure original without doubt from my side, just to clarify. (Hope you understand my messy English)

    Norway does indeed have really nice helmets to go for.

    And by the way, what would a helmet like this be worth? I have no idea since this is my first Camo-lid

    M42 ND from Denmark?

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    I'm just throwing this out there: Anyone think it might be a KM shipboard gray (by the grayish color in the interior) that received this rough texture paint on the outside? Just food for thought.

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    That is indeed a very interesting thought. I have no experience about these kind of combinations but when comparing to another KM shipboard paint it really looks the same. I would be very interested to hear what other collectors think.

    Thanks Alvin

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    Borrowed this pic from a thread started by member "Narvik", hope that's okay. I pasted my helmet (to the left) next to his shipboard KM it looks really similar. What is you guys thoughts?

    M42 ND from Denmark?

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    I looked at some KM shipboard grey helmets too and I think it's pretty close --- would be nice to hear more comments on this helmet though.

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