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M42 ND helmet

Article about: Hello, I am a newcomer on the forum. Could you give me your impressions on this helmet I just got a few weeks ago? The liner is dated 17 nov 42, and has a RbNR in it. The liner band is a 66/

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    Hkp shell good original that is about it totally redone good for display or with a cover on it no good original collectible condition agree. timothy

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    If you didn't pay too much it doesn't really matter. You could always play about with it and make it look more authentic at you leisure. Genuine untouched helmets are always going up in price and are sadly beyond the reach of many who would like to own one. So the next best thing is to have a relatively cheap restored helmet. I dare say that some on here would advise you to save up for the proper thing, but that is not always possible these days with the pressure that some have on the family budget. Collecting WW1 and WW2 militaria is getting very pricy these days.
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    I'm one of them that says not to bother with it. Dave Shirlin has some nice no decals cheaper than they were selling 5 years ago. In fact common Militaria has dropped 10-25% not increased in value over the past few years but there are always guys spouting negative doom and gloom which isn't true.

    Case in point a nice helmet on his site went for $300 US or about $150 British pounds recently.

    He lists stuff like that all the time. Now if you want a pristine DD SS M35 your going to have to pony up 25k but not everyone drives a Rolls Royce either.

    In other words for most collectors this hobby is still very affordable if you collect within your budget.

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    Doug has sound advice. This helmet isn't worth the money. There's no investment. Sorry to sound cliche but you really do want the most "bag for your buck" when it comes to buying helmets. If you buy junk then that's always what you have, junk. Dave sells at reasonable prices, unless you want the big ticket helmets. He did have some nice no decals that I believe are all on hold or sold now. I think they were all right around $4-500. Unless you want to save for a long time and buy one really great helmet every year or so, then you'll probably be buying no decal helmets. A collector could make one hell of a collection on no decals and reissued helmets. They're an item in their own right. This M42 just isn't worth it. I don't understand the "nice display piece" rationale. It's still junk. Who wants to display junk?

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