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M42 for review

Article about: Could I have opinions on this possible future purchase, was not sure if the liner was a Dyed Norwegian issued , although the pins holding the leather to the band look to be the aluminium typ

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    Thanks Leon for taking a look, i think I did ok on this one and with the pins being really tight to the shell , I think it has a good chance of being the original liner.

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    Hi Busman, there is certainly remnents of a whitewash, the split pin you showed has a very slight kink to it and the the last two pics the split pin does not show much wear, coupled with a treated liner. i wonder if these were later additions, however I think you still got it at a good price.

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    If the liner is post war then the white wash must be a post war job, as the white wash is splashed on the liner band in places. Hard to say on this one. But as you say not a bad one for the price. looks good on the shelf.

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    Default The other split pins

    Close up of the other two pins.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M42 for review   M42 for review  

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    A great helmet that would sit nicely in any collection.
    "Straight out of Bastogne"
    Cheers, Dan
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    Thanks Dan

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    Hi, well for what it's worth, I still feel that the pins and white wash are ok. I can see what looks like a very slight wobble on the pins, but it is higher up on the arms than what I would expect to see on re-bent pins, and it is so slight that I would be more inclined to think that they have just been "re-tighted" at some point. Leon.
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    I agree Leon, all looks good to me and the other pins show no signs of being messed with. Also the underside of the leather shoes no sign of treatment and no signs of scratching on the liner band where the pins are , that you often see if the pins have been opened.

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