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M42 for sale SD.

Article about: Up for sale in the UK. Unfortunately I'm trying to obtain manufacturer details and more detail on the decal. Thoughts?

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    Quote by Arniebarnie View Post
    This helmet appears in the same auction as the one in the original post but this exact same helmet appears on the GHV spreadsheet as a ND. Not ideal for potential buyers.
    Yup, that one is no good, fake liner and paint, just an original repainted shell.

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    Circuit advertisement M42 for sale SD.
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    Well, I’ve had a response about the helmet shown in the OP. They have sent a closer picture of the decal but more alarmingly could not find the manufacturers mark.

    They are contacting the vendor to “discuss” the DD on the second helmet.

    M42 for sale SD.
    M42 for sale SD.

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    Decal and liner wise, i like it. Does not look like the typical fake... the missing production numbers are weird, the shell is definitly genuine. Probably a very faint stamp they just cant see.

    If it isnt super cheap, the pictures would not be enough for me to pull the trigger, i would need more of them.

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    The M42 decal is a good ET Decal , next thing to inspect is if the liner belongs.

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    Ade would be the one to ask if Hanson's do it differently but Auction houses I have had dealings with are less than helpful for a random person who may or may not be a "potential bidder" who is asking for lots of photos.

    "How would we know" - I was told - "that we aren't wasting valuable time for no reward?"

    In the end, time IS money and they take the ones they want and that's often that!
    'Caveat Emptor' isn't stated for nothing ......

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    I would tread carefully with auction houses. The first helmet does indeed look like a good ET M42 - but you need to be 100% sure.
    Sadly, the UK is not the best for militaria - you need to search through a lot of rubbish to find the hidden gems.


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    Quote by sysyphus View Post
    So far no issues (string aside) . waiting for pics
    I had a rare KM DD Camo once used by Marines at Westerplatte. Liner, Paint, Decals - all legit. But ... I noticed the string was wrong. I put it right in the garbage can. Im sorry thats just the way I am. (Kidding Natch)

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    What about this one?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M42 for sale SD.   M42 for sale SD.  

    M42 for sale SD.   M42 for sale SD.  

    M42 for sale SD.  

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    Please post each helmet in an new thread. Adding multiple helmets to a single thread is confusing.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Will do, sorry.

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