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M42 sd

Article about: Looking to pick this one up. Can anyone see any problems with this helmet....originality. Thanks for any opinions.

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    Correct helmet

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    Quote by visor View Post
    It will be around 1800 canadian after taxes shipping customs. A little steep, but I need one.
    You are kidding right ? That's 40% over the normal price...

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    Too expensive IMO

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    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    You are kidding right ? That's 40% over the normal price...
    Only 40% over? ...... prices of sd m42's have risen sharply then?
    I would have said a grand.
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Good helmet, bad price.
    Do you need it THAT badly?


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    Not even just a little bit pricey.. That is just over the top for a Heer M42.

    Another will come along, though I'm sure there are at least a dozen SD M42s on dealer sites right now.

    Maybe make him a lower offer or just look elsewhere!

    Best of luck,

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    nice lid, but not at that price...

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    Yup, that is close to what it would cost ordering from Canada. The price is 1500 US plus shipping, plus the low Canadian dollar, and then customs if caught. So bottom cost would be about 1700 to 1800. Money is not the issue, originality is. I have checked many sights but can't find one in the same condition. If anyone knows of a dealer with a similar quality lid, please let me know.

    Check the prices out at the collectors guild, just as much...if not more without chinstrap. Even the one at Ruptured duck which is on hold, and a lot more worn would be in the 1500+ canadian dollar range.

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    Those are probably some of the priciest dealers put there that I can personally think of --- either way... I feel, as obviously the rest also does, that the price quoted is waaaay above market/real worth. I kind of like its look as well but it's certainly nothing special to deserve that ludicrous amount of money... then again, it's your call -- your money

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    That is the price of helmets these days. You want quality you gonna pay. I looked around again today, and nothing close that I can find. As I said, if you can find one cheaper please let me know, or even dealers that are not so pricey. Please do not list Snyders treasures.

    I also deal with weitz, ag militaria, hiscoll, bunker, griffin militaria, my ww2 militaria, emedals, Frank freuth, oakleaf, screamen eagle, and a few more. Most do not even have an m42 sd. So let me know if I am missing an obvious dealer. Thanks guys.

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