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M42 size 68cm!!

Article about: are these rare? the biggest ones they made besides custom , its a 68cm

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    Default M42 size 68cm!!

    are these rare? the biggest ones they made besides custom , its a 68cmM42 size 68cm!!M42 size 68cm!!M42 size 68cm!!

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    Circuit advertisement M42 size 68cm!!
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    i wouldn't say a 68 is rare, but defiantly more uncommon than a 64 sized shell. I seen this helmet on eBay tonight. Not a bad looking lid, pretty generic other than being a larger size.

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    Hard to find but not rare as in " hens teeth" rare. They can be found easily if you are patient.

    Personally I like the ubiquitous size 64 but I know some people like the big lids
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    Only the big ones fit my dome Michael!!

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    thank you guys...yeah it poped up on ebay and I didn't think it was super rare, but bigger then the helmets I have

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    Saw that on eBay. Something's goofy with that liner. I wouldnt go crazy bidding. No decals aren't that rare.

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    I've read about 10% of total production were size 68. Not sure how accurate these stats are though

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    I think the 'size' is overstated big time , I had a great 68 DD Luftwaffe for sale once and it did not sell faster than any of the 62's I ever had for sale.
    I also sold a ET Polizei 68 recently and people didn't riot in the Streets for it.
    While size can be a personal collecting preference I think any discussion over it is silly , originality and quality is what counts. So best buy and nice lid.

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    Hi, the liner looks pretty dry to me but other than that it looks ok. A touch salty as they go, but a reasonable large M42. Leon.
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    Not rare, that word is reserved for sizes 70 and up. Its a nice M42 that has seen its days.

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