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M42 Stahlhelm

Article about: the whole helmet looks to be fake the rolled edge finish to the shell looks very poor quality & the corners where the skirt goes into the peek looks very sharp & not the smooth round

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    The shell is most certainly a chinese fake, the liner is bad and the decals are definitely no good. If you can get a refund do so. Hopefully, you used paypal and will be able to open a claim/dispute if the seller will not accept a return. Before you buy a helmet you have to do some research so that you don't jump in and waste alot of hard earned money. By the way, 93 euros for a double decal should tell you that nearly everyone else that looked at it recognized that it was bad. Sorry for the bad news, but this is most definitely a fake helmet from top to bottom. Jim G.

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    well... im becoming more accepting of the fact that i bought a fake. im quite embarraced, and feel bad, but i think the most important thing is, did i learn something? YYEESSS i did. so i will learn more and post pictures before i buy.

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    Bad luck mate, a hard lesson learned

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    Well GP, your not the only one to get stung, we have all been burnt at some time or other, and you learn by mistakes, try to get your money back, you should be able to if you used paypal as already stated, whatever you do dont just leave it, these conmen have to learn a lesson as well

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    the ebay auction was a private listing. can i get my money back?

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    you should be able to if you used pay pal to make the purchase...good luck neverless

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