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M42 Stahlhelm

Article about: Hi, a great M42 shell ,the guys have said all you need to hear already, I will just add that if your friend is generous enough to give you great pieces like this for free, buy him a beer and

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    Default M42 Stahlhelm

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me some info about this M42 Stahlhelm, first off I was wondering if it is original factory wartime paint/texture on the Stahl, also what are the markings on the helmet liner band? I know it's the manufacturer but where were they located ect. ect. The 342 has me lost, I assume it is the makers code? (Not up to par with helmets) so mind my ignorance lol. the split pins are also dated 1944. Seems to have a ricochet on the side of it as well? My friend gave it to me and he said he got it from a local estate sale. Apparently a US 3rd Inf Div vet brought it back home from France? Not sure how true it is, we never buy the story just the item.

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    Pain looks ok to me. 342 is the steel lot # or batch #. Removing the split pins is a huge "No No". Affects the value of the helmet. It's completely missing the liner and chin strap.

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    The paint on this looks exceptionally well preserved. Look for a maker mark/size marking around the skirt. It should be two letters and then "64" for example like this: "EF64"
    The 44 dated pins combined with rough textured paint suggest to me that this helmet could possibly be unissued. We may never know if it had a liner or not, but it doesn't matter. This is a super desirable helmet shell in my opinion Go buy your friend a steak dinner.

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    Payne, I honestly don't see a shell size marking anywhere near the skirt. I do know it is a size 64 shell, though.

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    To me it looks like there are other marks before the 342, but i think this is a very light strike stamp, the maker and size could be obscured by the paint plus light strike

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    There is a chart somewhere online that shows helmet sketches of the various makers. If somebody could post it that would be great.

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    Okay, so there is a VERY faint marking of "EF64" on this Stahlhelm

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    I think it had a liner at sometime, you can see the rub marks where the spring leafs went in

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    I was thinking EF. Light maker stamps, typical EF M40/42 vent impression and exaggerated flare at the beginnings of the skirt. IMO the ding is someone messing around with a .22 after the war. As Todd said it's never a good idea to remove the pins or a liner, even if it's only a partial liner band.

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    Nice condition 42 shell with liner band. timothy

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