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M45 Helmets

Article about: Left: B/II prototype. To have been the new 'stahlhelm 45' but never put into mass production. It has the M44 liner system. Right: M45-A. Also called 'ventless M42'. It has the M31 liner syst

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    Right then, no worries. That was the reason I was a bit stand-offish with you in my previous post. I thought you were saying you had made the liner in Brian's helmet, which would be a bit of a bombshell to drop and then not reply again
    No problem, but if I had made that liner I would have noted it on the WAF .
    I think that is where my picture came from, there or perhaps Axis history. I forget.

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    This is not a messed with M65?

    If this is real this is one of the cooler new things I just learned about- I heard there "possibly" a m45 but this is the first I've ever seen- pretty cool!

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    Quote by 1stCTHeavyArtillery View Post
    This is not a messed with M65?

    If this is real this is one of the cooler new things I just learned about- I heard there "possibly" a m45 but this is the first I've ever seen- pretty cool!
    Yes, there really WAS such a helmet, but as it was never adopted, I am not sure if the M45 title was ever given to it. Maybe it would have been an M44 helmet - as the liner designed for it was the m44 liner. Who really knows? The big question is, which ones are "real". I made one from an M56 helmet, with an M44 liner I made from scratch, before Brian Ice turned up one which I think has the best chance of being a real one.

    I'll post a photo of the real one taken during the war, along with my replica (with rolled under edges), which I made because the description of the Thale prototype helmet mentions the bottom edge has a flange, "an artefact of the stamping process" which saved several steps needed to make the B/II helmets edge. I took that to mean the edge must have been rolled. So, first, a wartime photo of an unimpeachable example, and then my junk I made.M45 HelmetsM45 HelmetsM45 HelmetsM45 HelmetsM45 Helmets

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    Such a odd design, I'd guess it was as mentioned a helmet that just had a few stamping steps taken out- amazing that the East Germans adopted a similar style!

    It be great to see a wartime photo of it.

    Thanks so much for the info.

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    What is the story behind the photos???
    Is it yours?
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    No it is not mine
    I find these photos on the web
    Is this original?

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    Rust bucket shell with like new liner??? Looks like new rust as well.

    What did the website say this was?

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Looks like the first variant of the NVA's M56, before they implemented the "paratrooper" chinstrap, though it is also possible it is from 1945.

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