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M45 Helmets

Article about: Left: B/II prototype. To have been the new 'stahlhelm 45' but never put into mass production. It has the M44 liner system. Right: M45-A. Also called 'ventless M42'. It has the M31 liner syst

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    Default Re: M45 Helmets

    I would recommend using the zoom feature on your photo software to see fine details.

    I see unaltered originality here. If others can't see it, then they can't. But I have yet to hear any compelling reasons why this helmet is supposedly altered.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M45 Helmets   M45 Helmets  

    M45 Helmets   M45 Helmets  

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    And why do you show your worst garage job helmet to compare?
    Show your best one:

    You've done a good job, but don't tell us it's genuine.

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    Sorry Hawk, no BS here. I'm giving it to you straight.

    If collectors have never seen an actual prototype helmet before, then how would they know when they were looking at one?

    Most collectors judge a helmet's originality on prior helmets that they or their friends have seen. As long as someone has seen it before, there is comfort.

    But a helmet that they have never seen before may not be acurately judged, simply because they have never seen one before. There is no prior experience.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M45 Helmets  

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    Now, guys, please tell me:
    Is Brian's liner close to the original photo or the repro liner?
    Look at the brackets!

    Should I really believe in the originality of his B/II???

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    Brian I'm not taking one side or the other but I do have a few questions. With a helmet as rare as this what is its history. Where did it come from does it have any documentation? Where did you get the helmet and if you don't mind how much does a helmet like this go for ? Gary

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    Yes, there are two rivets per bracket, they just are not visible in that photo.

    This one came from a US vet with a capture paper.

    I can't say exactly on price, but it is high.

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    Default Re: M45 Helmets

    Great can we see the paper work ? Gary

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    Original text from WAF, Brian Ice, 08-30-2007, 05:04 PM

    Would you care to guess where mine came from? EBAY!!

    Here is the original description on the auction:

    In good condition, minor scuffing. Liner and chin strap are good. I did not find any marks to identify the type of helmet. Thank everyone that has emailed me on this helmet to properly identify this post WWII helmet. I have been told this is a vopo, M56, post war German helmet that never made it to production. I am clueless, sorry for mix up. Shipping will be based on a 5lb priority rate to your zip. Thank You.

    As you can see, it is basically a mesh of two different descriptions that the seller was told; a helmet that never made it to production (B/II), and a post war VOPO M56.

    How much would you think a VOPO M56 helmet should start for on ebay?
    How about $25!! That was the starting bid. Of course, several bidders other than myself recognized it for what it was. This is how I actually dreamed I would find one of these. Dreams do come true!

    As was mentioned earlier, a vet likely got it in trade in Berlin from a Russian soldier who before had picked it up after the battle with the infantry school cadets.

    This vet likely knew he had something special, but just kept it to himself for all of these years. Then one day 60 some years later, the vet has a stroke or whatever and is sent to a resthome. The family or whomever sells his possessions to a dealer who then auctions them off on EBAY!!

    I apologize for the ugly words I've used, but in my eyes it looks like your second B/II replica was more sucsessfull and the story is fictional.

    Every B/II auction in the last years was documented in forums worldwide, discussed by many interrested people, but nobody had seen this auction and wrote about it at the WAF, the MFF, here or somewhere else...?

    I can't believe that story.

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    Gary, the capture paper is the standard US army style dated I believe in June of 1945. It only mentions 1 German helmet, not specifically a prototype. I'm not going to post a photo as I'm not sure if the still living vet wants his name on the net, but I will say that there are some higher ranking officers mentioned.

    My my Hawk, you have done your homework, but have come to the wrong conclusions.

    "Every" B/II auction documented ?? Sez you! I'm afraid you and many others missed this one!

    Thats just fine if you don't like the story or the helmet. Remember, I'm not here to convince people. Individuals make their own decisions.

    But I am interested to try and follow your logic about why, in your opinion, this one is supposedly not good. Since you have apparently never seen an original in hand, how would you know what a 'real one' looks like?

    How would a 'real B/II' be so much different in your mind than this one?

    You have a clear bias against this helmet. With regards to the liner, paint, shell, you don't like anything about it, but you haven't mentioned anything conclusive that would demonstrate that this is not an authenic B/II prototype.

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    Default Re: M45 Helmets

    Incorrect shape, not matching with photos and descriptions, incorrect paint, no matching to any original 60 year old german stahlhelm, incorrect liner (maybe I'm wrong in this point).

    These are 2 and a half reasons against the authenticy.

    The fact, that you have increased your skills by faking a B/II and some others before, and a fabulous story where the 2nd one came from, rounds the whole thing off.

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