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Marine M 35

Article about: Hi Here is my Marine M 35 helmet... Its stamped ET 64 and 4079 ET means Eisenhuttenwerk, Thale The number 4079 is, i think, the productionsnumber

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    Thanks a lot !!
    Yes it a shame that some bastard have removed the national decal

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    Nice KM. The decal was removed during the war, I am sure, due to regulations. That is why DD KM's are ultra rare.

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    i'd be estatic to have this one. Any M35 KM is a great helmet. If you are upset about the missing tri-color, I will be more than happy to relieve you of having to look at it

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    Happy new year
    Thanks for the new informations.....

    Narvik: Can you tell me more about these regulations ??
    I have never heard about them....

    helmetone: I am not upset, just cruing a little bit
    I am not a collector of KM. I collect normally danish items from WW 2....
    And mainly items from danes i german uniforms...

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    Hi there,

    From the pics provided I also think it is a good KM lid! Nice one!

    Regulations in short:

    Due to order the tricolor had to be removed from the helmets by 1940.
    By 1943 the Heer, KM and Luftwaffen eagle had to be removed as well.

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    Thanks for the information....
    But why ??

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    With the war making progress the Germans figured that camouflaging their helmets was very important. Increasing enemy sniper fire and being superior in the field were two of the main reasons.

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    Hi Garry83....
    It makes sence

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