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Missing chin straps

Article about: It is true that placing the strap over the front of the helmet distorts the strap. But, I keep my helmets like that anyway because I like to display the strap, not to mention that German sol

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    Default Missing chin straps

    Was wondering why it seems most helmets that I have been looking at on dealer web sites seem to have the chin straps missing,is there a reason for all these missing chin straps.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    A lot were broken off over time, dry rot and collectors tend to cannibalize the chinstraps and keep them for helmets they have in their collections for helmets missing a strap.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    Seems a shame to remove them for another helmet but makes sense I suppose as the price of a chin strap is so high, thanks for the reply.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    I don't practice this but many collectors do "save" the strap when selling a helmet if one they are keeping is missing one.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    Some dealers i have come accross seem to think that it is acceptable to remove the chinstrap from a helmet they are selling and then "offer" the buyer an original one(the very same strap!!!)at a premium to complete their helmet.This kind of tampering and profitering is in my opinion a disgrace,but as the helmets are their property i guess they can do as their immoral hearts please.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    There is that saying of something being worth more than the sum of its parts ,but not it seems in the case of a German helmet the component parts seem to sometimes have more value than the whole, money always has a way of ruining things.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    Just like some cars, the parts are worth more than the whole car. I have ceased wasting money on parts. If the helmet doesn't come with a particular part, I don't worry about adding it. I aim towards more complete helmets now, unless its a lid with a great decal.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    They are the item most easily removed / damaged too, so it makes sense they would be the first thing to go.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    I noticed this also, I was guessing its the most fragile part so after 70 plus years finding one with an original strap is a bonus.

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    Default Re: Missing chin straps

    im also facinated by the habit some collectors have ov puting the chin stap over the beak of the helmet
    considering how fragile they are
    this practice distorts and strains the strap
    it just seems a daft thing to do
    cheers ian

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