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My Easter Egg

Article about: Great job!! So glad to see it rescued from the blues, who would have thought that buying a stripper would only cost 20 bucks lol

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    Wow, nicely done! Someone really screwed the pooch with that electric abortion of a paint job.

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    Well done, that is a great restoration ,now you don't need sunglasses to look at it! Leon.
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    Thank you very much gentlemen!

    To remove the paint, I tried acetone first in a small area on the dome but the paint was stubborn. I then tried the Paint stripper pictured below. This works like a charm. Spray it on the post war paint, wait 3-5 minutes and wait until the paint starts to bubble. This was the coolest part. The stripper eats away at the krylon paint or whatever paint it was. The WWII paint applird is more resilient. I applied Vaseline to protect the decal during this process. I wore rubber gloves too. Total price of the supplies? About $20 from Home Depot.
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    Great job. I love seeing before and afters. Marty
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    great job.

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    A great job sarge!....
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    great Job!!

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    Good save Tommy, it looks a world better.

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    Thank you very much everyone!

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    Ditto to all of the above - I have a similar project that I've been too scared to attempt. This gives me some courage to do so....

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