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My (FAKE) M38 FALLSCHIRMJÄGER hopes almost

Article about: So.... Bought a relic M38, 2 months ago, no liner, from germany... never arrived thanks to USPS. That was the real deal. So... I bid and won on another one... with less detailed pictures but

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    Default My (FAKE) M38 FALLSCHIRMJÄGER hopes almost


    Bought a relic M38, 2 months ago, no liner, from germany... never arrived thanks to USPS. That was the real deal.
    So... I bid and won on another one... with less detailed pictures but looked like relic, and now, that my (other) friend received it in Germany, ready to send it to me, he sent me some pictures of it.
    I'm very disappointed looking and the pics. There is still a glimpse of hope, The liner doesnt seem legit.
    But I dont know, Im not expert.... You tell me what I have (not yet) in my hands...
    I feel an idiot for bidding on this without being sure... but hey we were 30 bidders for this. (Around 200usd)

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Liner is definitely bad I'm afraid. The zig-zag stitching over the middle is a giveaway. The shell is also bad. I would chase the seller for a refund if I were you and save yourself the money of having your friend send it on to you. Sorry for the bad news.

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    Need much better photos of the shell to tell for sure - front, back, both sides, and any stampings on the inner rim as well as good closeups of the rolled rim itself on the inside. I can tell you for sure the liner and straps are modern repros but there is a slight chance the shell could be original. Just can't tell for sure from these pics.


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    Damn. Thanks!.
    Well, the seller stated "he was not sure"... so... I was keeping a distance, until I saw the bidding was going over what you would expect from a fake... but then there were no liner pics. I got carried away.

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    If brought on German Ebay most likely a fake there are lots on there and most of the German sellers dont take Paypal so no chance to get your money back sorry to say

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    The things we do when we get caught up in the heat on the moment. It will get you a helmet or a baby on the way!!! Ha,ha. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Well, totally.
    I'm a collector - not a very good one - but I have 30 lids, all originals so far I can tell. When I get some fake I double check here and get rid of it.
    I'm just hurt about usps losing my original M38 shell (very relic, but still)... they just lost it, it was coming from germany and it never arrived. They cannot tell me anymore. It arrived to the country and allegedly was never released by customs (that's what USPS told me).

    Anyway. I will receive this and see if it displays well. But you know... 995 out of 1000 people will be amazed by the helmet, but we (you, me.. we know) is not real.. and has no place in the collection. I guess the shell is also not original, or I would keep the shell.

    Lets see. It's well aged though... it has that going for it.. which is nice

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    When you consider that even relic shells can be $500 ,let alone a good one with liner which would be in the thousands, this one is a poor attempt of a fake, these sell for about $75-100 here in England, i have two but the earlier better constructed ones and i aged them and made them look good for my display only

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    Thanks for the info Dave

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