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My first helmet.

Article about: by DougB Hi Pat, no it was all hockey for me at that age! But I have always liked reading the history of WW1 and 2 and have been fortunate enough since to have toured most of the battlefield

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    Default My first helmet.

    I was asked here to show my first ever helmet so here she is. I realize this is the 33-45 section and this is a WW1 helmet however, I was asked in this section so if the mods feel they should move it I will leave it up to them.

    Here is my favourite helmet, because it is the first one I ever got waaaay back when I was 14, a gift from my Uncle. He was given this by his neighbour who had it in his barn and was brought home by his grandfather from WW1. My Uncle was an artist and if I didn't want it he was going to turn it into a flower pot. Naturally I said I would take it and this has sat on a shelf of mine ever since.

    I love a helmet that has a lot going on, well this one fits that category to a tee. It has a TON going on.

    It is an NJ62, missing all 3 split pins, why I have no idea but it came that way to me 33 years ago this way. The chinstrap has been glued on the one end, again I have no idea why, it is how it arrived. The liner is still with the helmet however and 1 pad still has the filling. The helmet has been camoed not once but twice!

    It has a red stripe going from vent lug to vent lug. This was a mystery till a collector named JPS joined GHW and posted 2 Austrian helmets with a red stripe and he solved the mystery, apparently it is a red wound stripe some Austro-Hungarians would paint on the front of their helmets when soft caps were discontinued. I had never seen another nor had any other collector that I know of including anyone on this or any other collector forum.

    The helmet has 6 ! personalizations on it, 3 names and 2 what I believe are capture personalizations named Peronne France. There is also a fingerprint. To top it all off the condition is lovely despite missing the split pins. It also has the requisite barn paint!

    I have been asked why I do not find 3 pins but this is how I got it as a kid and this is how I am going to buried with this helmet. I have been asked if I would part with this helmet for cash or trade and the answer is and always will be, no thank you!

    Anyway enjoy this my first helmet of what turned out to be (way too) many!


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    Circuit advertisement My first helmet.
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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    Some top down angle photos.

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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    Nice helmet and story.

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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    Interior shots, with the liner held in by pressure. The chinstrap is glued probably by the grandfather, this is how I got the helmet 33+ years ago and its holding strong still, never touched it.

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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    Just think what you would be doing with your time now, had you not have accepted it. Fantastic helmet!

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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    Closeups of the split pin holes, vent lugs and 1 of the chinstrap rivet heads. Note the wear around the split pin holes for you guys that look at camo helmets that are shells. They should look like this. If not, they have been painted postwar. THis is actually a good helmet to examine to learn about authentic camo helmets as you shall see in the coming post.

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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    It gets better Mo. Wait till the next post.

    Here are some closeups of the camo, esp of the camo overpaint, note the wear and aging.

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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    Now for the coolest part of the helmet. 6, yes 6 personalizations 2 of which are capture personalizations reading Peronne France Scotty 1918 and 4 German names none of which I can make out.

    Also can you see the fingerprint in the paint?

    This helmet tells a story, I wish it could talk.

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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    That concludes my presentation on my first helmet which I will never sell or trade! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!


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    Default Re: My first helmet.

    Found the fingerprint! Try posting the pictures of the names in the documents section, or PM someone like Andreas. They may be able to help you out with the names.

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