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My minty 42 wire helmet

Article about: Minty wire 42 helmet. Thought I had posted this before but guess not. Had it for 40-50 years, Ray

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    A very valid discussion here being held in the perfect manner by all you gent's, Ray especially is being a real credit to himself as it is his helmet being discussed. My opinion on this one is that the decal is most likely to have been applied post war from original stock, once that becomes the most likely scenario then the wire itself, as Michael quite rightly says is also going to be post war applied. Now, just a "left field" thought, but the wire has a chance of being a period basket re-attached to this helmet in an overall attempt to "spruce up" what was simply a no decal lid along with the Strache decal?? That however is a long shot that could never be proved i fear. Well done gent's, a very interesting thread. Leon.
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    Yes Leon. This is how threads should be conducted

    For those of you who have access to German Helmets Walhalla, here is a great thread of period photos of war time chicken wire helmets. Interesting in the the vast majority appear to be the euro "twist" but a few have an alternating twist (different than the "split" twist).

    Also some of the baskets are tight to the helmet and others are not....

    Guess this is one reason why I don't touch these and would never buy it unless I pulled it myself out of a vets Footlocker covered with 70 years of undisturbed dust LoL

    Sorry, you do not have permission for that!
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Im not planning to buy any camp/wired helmets anytime soon. I got burned on a winter camo helmet I posted on here last year (p/xd it with a dealer against another item in the front end).

    I know there are gooduns out there but it seems what is already a crooked market even for ordinary helmets just becomes the Wild West when camp/wired helmets are concerned.

    Maybe Im just getting too cynical about certain aspects of this hobby 😕

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    Quote by MG42UK View Post

    Maybe I’m just getting too cynical about certain aspects of this hobby ��
    If you are, then so am I.

    Wire and camo helmets are an absolute jungle right now, with plenty of snakes. Anytime a particular type of item gains strong popularity, the fakers dive right on in.
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    Reality is...not one wire helmet can be proven original period applied unless provenance is attached to it. There are no "wire experts". There are many who have handled, bought & sold many examples, but they cannot prove what they handled was a period piece. It's all in the eyes of the buyer/owner. Most of the time, the wish or desire for the helmet to be period can overtake logic & that's when the dealer walks away with a big grin on his face saying..."Sucker".

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