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My three helmets LOL. Please critique.........

Article about: Feel free to chime in on these. One guy must have had a severe headache judging by the crack.

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    Hi, I like the early original comb one the #1, I just always have thought it was a neat look. Also I have a luftschutz helmet that had pieces of pillow fabric sewn in the liner like the light police you have here. I suppose a better more comfortable fit. Im not sure about all the decals, one of the decal guys will let you know about those. I like these helmets and their personalities.

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    Circuit advertisement My three helmets LOL. Please critique.........
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    Quote by GoodOldGermany View Post
    Youre son is welcome, but please tell him, dont drop his cargo over Dresden again. Lol.
    If you hear a half frozen salsbury steak hit the ground there you go.................he lives in Bamberg BTW.

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    Any comments? Decal guys? I'm thinking the first two are pretty authentic. The third came from a widow of a ww2 vet. I think it's real but after reading and looking for a couple of hours I have a couple concerns. Looks like it has been repainted, normal or not? The shield decal looks like it has been placed over another decal of the same dimensions. You can see this on the right edge where the outline of the other decal appears to be under the newer paint. Sorry but I'm still learning and thirsty for information. Also I have too many hobbies and not near enought time. I would ditch a couple but I like them too much LOL.

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    I like your sexy helmets, lol. A good start for a collection.
    First one is a fire brigade helmet "M34", but the neck guard is missing. Second one is a M16 Reichswehr WW1 helmet. Looks like its hidden by a shell splitter. 3rd one is also a M34 fire helmet, good condition, stickers are maybe repro.

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    An early version of the fire helmet with comb, M16 combat helmet in relic condition and a model 34 Fire/Police helmet - all original. I particularly like the home made repair featuring flower patterned cloth on the liner of the last one. NH

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    Thank you guys!!!!

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