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New Guy

Article about: Hey guys, New to the forum and collecting. I've been lurking around here and other sites trying to gain as much knowledge about helmets, flags, daggers etc before I make a purchase and get b

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. DougB a canadian SNOWBIRD EH? haha just kidding. Small world!

    Back on subject.... I have a capture document for a K98 that matches the receiver serial number. This capture paper does not have a stamped "official seal" from the US army or whatever. It also has the specific item (k98 serial number XXXX) typed into the certificate and not written out like the one for the helmet, flag etc. Interesting analyisis of the penmanship. The cursive to script is now bugging me too. With the pictures saved on my computer, you can zoom in and see transistions of certain letters that have small tails or appear to be cursive. Maybe just the GI or commanding officers writing style? I know I transistion from cursive, to lower case, back to all upper case depending on what I'm writing. Long shot? The group of items matches the listed items on the certificate minus the parachute. Now I'm wondering if the flag, and dagger may be bogus. I did a quick google search and came across Cpt. Monfils who indeed was a officer with the 406th. The GI, Fredrick V? Can't find anything on that.

    What do you guys think? Value? Too risky? Keep Looking?

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    I don't really see a problem with the different writing. I am NOT a handwriting expert but I know that I jump from writing to printing ( and upper / lower case ) all the time ..... so no real pattern with me - and maybe the parachute / flag was acquired one day and the others later and added to the form ( which is one of the carbon copies by the way ..... remember typewriters and carbon paper lads?????)

    As to my ignorant location question Doug, when one lives in a land where the Summer to Winter temp. differential is 35 degC and the only white you see is the foam on breaking waves, one tends to be blase to the extremes you northerners face

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Interesting reading with examples. The docs are worthless. Buy the helmet and not the docs.

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    Ok, the seller is asking $800 USD for the items listed except for the parachute. Reasonable?

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    Fred Green

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    You will need photos of the rest of the items that are listed on the capture document to. What kind of flag, What size? Hangers and portepee withthe dagger? Sharpened or damaged in any way? Lots of questions need to be answered before anybody could give you a suitable answer.IMO.


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    I agree with Fred, You buy the item not the story , unless its well documented , as for price , that really depends on the items as a whole, type of dagger,condition, flag type ,size and condition etc , if all the other items are good original pieces,and in good overall condtion then its down to you to gauge what they are worth , if you are satisfied with the items and agree to the price it does'nt really matter about the 'document'

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    The flag is double sided, 30"x42", stitched on circles, with stitched tabes to top and bottom. The disc is showing slight staining to front and back. I have had no hands on access and have no idea if it passes the glow test.
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    The dagger is a fire service dress dagger with illegible makers mark on the Ricasso. New Guy[ATTACH=CONFIG]504372
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