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new to hobby please help

Article about: Hello, I am new to this hobby. I am interested in collecting WW2 era helmets and medals. I have no experience in this field, I have read a little bit on this subject. I see lots of books bei

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    Default new to hobby please help

    Hello, I am new to this hobby. I am interested in collecting WW2 era helmets and medals. I have no experience in this field, I have read a little bit on this subject. I see lots of books being mentioned but I dont know what ones are good? Also where is a good place to buy (brokers/online/conventions)? Also what is a good helmet to start with, and what price range should I expect to pay? Also how do you detect fakes? And if you have any other beginer information I would be more then happy to look at it


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    Reading the different threads in this forum is a great place to start, alot to learn Welcome

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum - it's a great place
    to learn ! You may want to select a particular
    country as your main focus, and remember
    to post items here before buying.........


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    This is a great place to learn. The members have the best knowledge of military items. Like Walkwolf said, you will have to narrow your scope to say a country and a particular era or war. I like German WWII helmets, belts & buckles, and edged weapons. I have some US in these areas also. To be sure, post everything you are interested in buying for members to look at and give opinions. They have the keenest eyes.

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    Early on I recommend a focus. For example, I started with Luftwaffe uniforms and field gear. Pick a starting point, check the threads and then consult with us before a first purchase. You could also check out the classifieds here as well. Good luck. NH

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    hi and good luck
    for usa m-1 helmets - ebay tips about buying ww2 helmets and later models :

    How to date WWII and Later US M1 Helmets | eBay

    and good free download catalogs : AIOLFI & PARTNERS - Catalogues

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    Welcome. You came to a great source(this forum). A lot guys here with expertise in helmets. Take it slow. Make informed purchases. And remember, knowledge is king.

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    Welcome to an invigorating and rewarding hobby. Be wary of frauds and fakers from bad private sellers to bad dealers. Post before you buy. Buy reference books (reviews here; books ) and for sure buy the last book on the list from Ken N. Join the German Helmet Walhalla forum the best place for databases and where many serious helmet collectors congregate.
    German Helmet Walhalla

    Some dealers that are fairly reliable;

    Helmet dealers

    Ken N Helmetssale

    Dave S World War II German Helmets - Buy the BEST HERE!

    Bill S Steel Helmets

    Peter W

    Ken B

    Giorgio S

    Kelly H

    Mike D

    Paul M

    Rich B


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    ..... and another good tip ( and I'll assume your #1 post was late at night 8 hours ago ) is to thank those who do help or offer advice / direction.

    It is FREE help and INVALUABLE.....

    Good luck, enjoy your stay and happy hunting!
    Regards, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    MAP is online now


    I thinks it's been all patient!!! Do NOT rush. It's tough not to but in the end you will be rewarded. Don't worry if an item slips away and is sold while you are researching.

    One last's not how many items you have that is important. So stay focused, then branch out and ALWAYS buy the best you can afford at the time.

    I've learned more than you can imagine in the year I've been here. So stick around, and study the posts here and other quality reference books. As Doug noted, Ken N's book for helmets is a must have. Also, Bender Publishing sells some of the best reference books on a range of topics. It's a good place to look for specific areas of focus.


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