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Normandy Camo Helmets ( real camo ? )

Article about: Hello Guys first of all, just want to wish y'all an Happy new year !! what do you think of these Normandy Camo helmets ? the camo looks good to me for all 3 , but i want to hear your opinion

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    Although not a helmet guy either(anymore), I feel good as my thoughts concur with the others and felt so before reading their opinions. None are great examples of the fkaers art.


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    Circuit advertisement Normandy Camo Helmets ( real camo ? )
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    Ben that one was a keeper!

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    Hi , well un-surprisingly I to agree that there is not one decent original cammo in the "original 3" posted here. Two re-painted relics and one ruined decent helmet! Oh by the way Ben , you let a real beauty go , but I guess we all let something go and regret it later at some point. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Loved this thread i too am new to this (although 30 +years ago i collected but was only a kid) and I can honestly say when looking at the pics my first thoughts were that number2 was not as it should be and to my mind stood out like a sore thumb compared to the other two wasn't to sure on 1 & 3 so would have seeked advice on those. Pretty pleased with myself really as at least all this reading and learning is giving me more confidence in making informed decisions.

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    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    Hi guys at work and a bit bored so looking through threads, not a helmet guys at all and dont know dick about them. just looking at these with interest if they are bad could someone explain or PM me why so I can maybe learn a wee bit, looking at the close up pics of these I would have said they are good but like I said not a helmet guys and know nowt about them but looking forward to learning a bit

    Good info here.

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    You know DougB I'm getting better at this. I've been looking at the helmets without reading any of the comments and trying to form my own opinion, then seeing what the general consensus is. Sometimes I'm at odds with the group, sometimes not, but in this case I independently reached the same decision you did. Painted relic (the cammo'ed interior is a dead giveaway, no?) mechanical artificial wear (and what looks like an airbrush paintjob to me) and a really obvious dug relic enhanced with paint.
    People who enhance relics with paint make me madder than the "add-a-decal" fakers. Decals are simple to remove. Relics have stories of their own and need no paint or fake decals to make them more exciting. History in your hand, as it were.

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    Sorry guys on nights again, this is another helmet I should have kept really, it is a nice double decal Luft lid
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Normandy Camo Helmets ( real camo ? )   Normandy Camo Helmets ( real camo ? )  

    Normandy Camo Helmets ( real camo ? )   Normandy Camo Helmets ( real camo ? )  


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