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Normandy chicken wire helmet

Article about: Any chance at getting a liner pic? Is there a leather liner in it? Cheers! Rob

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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    Quote by RichieC View Post
    I believe the original intention was as such quoted above - JUST TO SHOW.

    However, I also believe one should have known that such an item would be worthy of, and especially attractive to comprehensive discussion by the members that you have shown it to, plain and simple.
    agreed it has gained plentifull interst but at what point do you say shall i damage the hessian and wiring to gain a picture for another person when i know where it came from just a personal observation and not intented to inflame this issue any further

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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    I have no problems with Chris not showing the inside - it's his helmet and he can do what he wants with it. However, there has been no explanation or response from Chris on the issue, even to say he won't post pics of the inside. That is what I think is causing the stir.


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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    I personally feel that this thread has run it's course.

    I specialize in Soviet all, but I do have a passion for German lids...
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    Quote by RichieC View Post
    I personally feel that this thread has run it's course.

    I specialize in Soviet all, but I do have a passion for German lids...


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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    I personally am very disappointed with how this thread seems to have ended. I have no doubts over Chris's knowledge or credibility, I respect him as I do all other fellow forum members. However as other people have said, when a helmet is posted for our 'viewing pleasure', all angles are usually catered for, outside, back, front, sides and inside. Many people have raised questions about this lid on the thread and I think it is unacceptable for people to say that that it is genuine just because the forum member who owns it says it is. In fact that is just ridiculous. If I posted a lid that others had questions about, would it be enough for me to just say 'Hey guys I hear what you're saying but I just know this one is real'? I seriously doubt it. I find it very odd that no photo's of the inside have been shown, especially as they have been requested so politely by long time forum members. If anything I feel that this somewhat shows a disrespect and lack of regard for the opinions and views of other forum members. For what it's worth I think this is a helmet in relic condition and the Hessian sack and chicken wire are post war additions,I think this because in some of the photo's Chris has posted you can see the pitted and rusty surface of the shell. If the surface of the helmet is in this condition then there is no way that the sacking and wire, if they were original, would have survived in the condition which they are in now. I think if we were to see the inside of this one we would get a better idea of the over all condition of the shell. That is why I wanted to see photo's of the inside.. Is that such an unreasonable request???
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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    Quote by ian View Post
    wonderfull thanks for showing .. but that is cotton i believe
    cheers ian
    if it is hessian?? then it has been out of sunlite
    Well, i have some sacks here with me now, they have been on our farm since the 30s, we still use some on occasions, they have been in sunlight but they are sound as a pound!!
    Your helmet is fantastic

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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    I've only just read the whole of this thread. I have to lean on the side of the doubters on this one. I cannot see why it is such a problem to show a shot of the inside of the helmet. At least it would silence the critics. You cannot blame people for having their suspicions, if after repeated requests, the evidence is not supplied. Had this helmet appeared on e-bay I have no doubt how it would have been treated by forum-members.

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    Default Re: Normandy chicken wire helmet

    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    show a shot of the inside of the helmet.
    I have kept out of this one, simply because I didn't think it was really up for discussion, and if Chris is happy with it, then that's where it should end. BUT...................

    Seeing as everyone has had their opinions, I'll just throw one more log into the fire.

    There really is no need to show the interior. The pictures speak for themselves. I have one question to ask, and no more.

    How come the helmet is rusted from the "inside" (that's inside the hessian) and the fabric shows no sign of deterioration?
    That would be enough for me. And just in case anyone is wondering. I have quite a knowledge of rust and metal, and where it associates, and how

    Sorry to open the scars on this one, but it needs to finish here. (but I'm not an EX SPURT)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Normandy chicken wire helmet   Normandy chicken wire helmet  

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    Default Godamned !

    This german helmet recovered by a piece of potatoes bag is absolutely perfect. It will be interesting to know if there is a name or a FPN? but some indications gives me the indications of the unity. Chris said that it comes from Treviere. In fact, it came not very far. I'll say in the area of Caumont where the Big Red One was engaged. I am studying this unknown battle and discovered lot of pics in Germany never published. I get one where we see a german soldier with this kind of cover helmet, not with chicken wire but with wire. My book will be publish in marsh or april. But I don't write publicity on it because myself i AM a collector of german helmets from normandy battle and spent my life to study history, militiria and above all met german vétérans, about 500.
    The helmets wore by this unity is a dream for collector. I am trying to present you a file of différents soldiars who wore fantastic helmets. What it's fantastic is that I identified the unity. This is the first post I wrote in this forum and i'll appreciate if someone could help me to shows some pictures of this film.
    Is Chris know something more about the veteran who picks up the helmets? His unity by exemple, it will help me to dig more.
    Your forum is fabulous, indeed.

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