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Normandy helmet legit?

Article about: Hi, I "talked" to the owner of the shop yesterday. The wire helmet was found directly out of a barn in Normandy - the wire on this helmet haven't been faked! Seller also mentioned

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    I've only been collecting seriously for about three years and I won't touch a wire helmet. If you're just starting out than wire helmets are the last type of helmet you want to be looking it. A nice fire police or no decal M42 would be a good place to begin.

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    Not the first place I would go shopping either :-(


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    Quote by DougB View Post
    I wouldn't own that wire helmet. You may be trying his refund policy pretty soon IMO.

    Wire helmets are the very last kind of helmet a new collector should be looking at. Its like wanting to learn to fly and trying to fly a fully loaded 747 through a hurricane as your first flight. Even highly sophisticated and experienced collectors differ when it comes to wire.

    Buyer beware.
    I do not want to try his refund policy - then I would rather skip this deal.
    ...still I want extra info on this helmet - then we see.

    I may be "new" in collecting german helmets, but I have been collecting german ww2 militaria for many years.
    ...not sure helmets is my thing:-)


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    Helmets are like any other TR item, a lot of fakes and messed with lids. Just have to know what you're looking at. Wire helmets are not a good starting point for a helmet collection. Neither are camouflage or SS helmets. Anything exotic or big ticket items are heavily faked.

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    Helmets are like anything else and in fact probably much easier, however you cant just jump in and buy off the internet anything that "looks good". You need to learn and study. Your also looking in the wrong places for the wrong thing. Read the pinned thread on looking for your first SS helmet, and apply the logic to any helmet.

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    On this kind of hemet, the wire is on the helmet, welded with rust.
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    Post WWII

    4 in stock !

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    Wouldnt buy there either, the authentic items are overpriced, and many items are a load of BS...

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    I've been collecting for 45 odd yrs and I still get nervous with wired helmets , mainly because they are too easy to fake , I have had a wire camo helmet that was totally original and was from one of my uncles who did bring it back from France but since then ive had none and i doubt if i will, some old man once told me ' if your looking for a wired helmet , be prepared to walk a tight rope on the wire 'sounds silly but true they are a somewhat specialist subject as Doug said and command high prices, even semi relic condition

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    Default Re: Normandy helmet legit?

    $389 bucks plus Shipping for this helmet with all of that Red rust?? Not in My lifetime....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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