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Norwegian helmet - what to do

Article about: Hi guys Annoyed from this ads?   It just received this helmet for free from a buddy of mine. What would you do with it. I keep comparing it to an ancient relic where there could be some

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    Agree with the comments here. Chances are it will be stripped to the steel under the Norwegian paint anyway, then you will be left with a pile of helmet components of nominal financial value and no historical value.

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    It it belonged to me i'd leave it alone!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    The helmet looks cool the way it is and I would leave it as is. There may be nothing worth discovering underneath the current paint and decal, and then it is ruined. I am not a fan of restoring items any way, in my opinion the true value is destroyed at that point. Just my two cents worth.

    "Currently looking for period items relating to the German city of Amberg."

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    I think it looks just fine the way it is.
    I have a soft spot for these Norwegian lids as it
    reminds me of the first helmet I got as a birthday pressie some thirty years ago in the deep, dark past!

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    There is a very slim, if no chance, that there is any remnants of reman paint or decals beneath the Norweigan paint. If you even begin to remove any of the paint in the slightest it immediately becomes a F-ed with helmet. It began life as a German shell but ended as a Norweigan helmet. That's its history. If you mess with it than the history is gone. You are correct, it's a personal decision, but since you possed the question here on a public forum than you must be ready for the opinions you may not want to hear.

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    That is a crackin lid you have there. It's been said by almost everyone already...leave it as it and enjoy a great piece of history. I would love to see something like this on my shelf.

    But if you really want a German helmet, sell this one and take the money to by an original German helmet. That way both parties are winners!

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    I say leave it alone out right, but I must add that a mate of mine cleaned one back many years ago! and it was a SS one (30% decal)

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    Hi All

    And thank you for your answers

    I really like the lid as it is - but the green paint is also visible under the "new" paint so that is what attracts me. I agree with most of you that the helmet is more true to history as it is right now - but I also like the fact that the helmet is able to reveal its former history if you suceed in removing the paint.

    I appreciate all your inputs and I think that I have decided to keep the helmet as it is - and that way I have a tale to tell when I show the helmet to others

    By the way - can anyone tell if it is a M40 helmet?

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    It's an M35 not M40. Rolled edge, separate inserted vents.

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    Most of the Norwegian post war reissues, near all of them were sandblasted down to the bare metal before they got they new layer of paint...Leave it as it is, keep the history

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