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Obtained WWI / II Collection

Article about: Hello, I have been collecting WWI/II items with my dad since the 70s. Most was purchased while living in England and Germany in the 70s and 80s. He has recently turned over control of the co

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    Quote by Tinhat View Post
    Looks like you have some interesting stuff. The first helmet is actually a British Mk1, initially US troops were issued with British helmets, the HS 12 is the steel batch. If you carefully lift the black part of the liner it should have the patent stamp in red ink. The insignia is the Corp of Engineers, but I can't tell you nay more than that. It is a very nice example.
    Steve, you were absolutely correct! Lifted the liner and there it was! Can read it but it is there. Well! First day, first post, already learning new things. Love it! Here take a look:
    Obtained WWI / II Collection

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    Meant to say cant read it.

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    This is why Im posting all my stuff... thoughts on my cheap german m40 helmet .

    I want to find out exactly what I have and what it might be worth. Some people can be so harsh as you can see in the linked post. I want to be fair and honest about what I have. I will take your advice and look through the forum. I know it is loaded with info. Wish we had this back in the 70s and 80s we me and my dad were buying this stuff. Hope you all enjoy viewing my collection Fakes and all (I'm sure I have a few).


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    Most of us have ( or have had ) fakes in our collections
    - intentional or not - though it looks like you've got
    some nice pieces there.........!


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    Que , I suggest you take your time for this. Your dad had a lot of stuff.
    It is important if you don't know about any of it that you shoot each item individually , give it it's own topic and also important put it in the correct forum.
    I see nice things there but also some things like the repainted M1's that I would not hold onto. I did the same with my dad's collection , sold the trash and kept the treasure that interested me most. (The German stuff in my case)

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    amazing helmet collection, good idea to catalog everything as well

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