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Old helmet or repro?

Article about: I was checking one of my favorite shops and the owner showed me the following German helmet. I'm not sure if it's the real deal or not. Considering no liner or rivets, any help on an ID.. it

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    Default Re: Old helmet or repro?

    i have no comment about what you do. but there is no question i have a pre 1945 civil police helmet. a firemans helmet has the crest. not sure what your issue is with this helmet but your coments prove nothing. look the helmet up it is authentic pre 45 i provided a link. it is an m-34 look it up!

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    Andrew, I am with you on this one 100%. This is an 100% pre 1945 DD square dip civic police helmet, worthy of a top shelf spot in most collections. The decals are absolutely correct, the liner is period, and the shell and paint most definitely pre '45. For a nearly identical piece, down to the liner and tabs (but with a comb) check out the Wittmann Militaria site, where one currently is listed for sale. I have 10 or 12 dd M34's, and none are in as good shape as yours. Cheers, Jim G.

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    I forgot to mention the Edelstahl, or "improved steel" mark on the skirt. I have never seen that mark on any post war German fire or police shells, which typically are white, with a reflective tape around the circumference, and with more rounded corners of the "dip". Jim G.

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    Thank you Jim,
    i'm not sure what that guy's issue is, but it's not my problem.
    i knew the helmet was good. nice to hear it from a collector that has so many of them though. you clear up the matter quite nicely. thank you.

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    It is not an "issue" these are 10 Euro ex-fireman's hats, the dead give away is the 5 little arrow looking gizmos built into the liner, this is an attachment point for a leather neck protector. I have one of these helmets with the leather neck guard still in place.

    I understand that you feel like I have run over your pet dog, but there are a hell of a lot of fake nazi helmets out there. I fake German helmets not because I am a bad person but because I don't want to pay $4000 for a real camo FJ helmet, nowdays after I do a nice fake I clearly mark it a "FAKE" in large letters on the inside so some future owner does not get ripped off but the first dozen or so I did were unmarked because I had not a clue that anyone other than 10 year old boys might care. I have a shelf of very nice and rare German helmets but not a one are real, I can't afford it.

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    Quote by Robert Donnell View Post
    I have a shelf of very nice and rare German helmets but not a one are real, I can't afford it.

    lol i guess that wouldnt make them nice and rare would it

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    Default Re: Old helmet or repro?

    i dont know what your problem is, but you are making your self look more foolish with each post. if you refuse to look things up on the link's already provided that is your choice.
    World war two German helmet types scrolling down on that link you will find the m-34 helmet, in the description it mentions having the leather arrow tabs as part of it.
    now if you want to keep making uninformed and uneducated posts. have at it. its your credability, or what's left of it at stake. look it up before you post again please.

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    Default Re: Old helmet or repro?

    LOL. I like threads like this, much as I like a train wreck. Drama in the morning and all that./

    Andrew, I'm no expert, but I can follow links with an open mind. I agree yours is good. Now, perhaps you should slap some Apollo 11 decals on it, mark it fake (on the inside) , and then display as a valuable rare item.

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    lol drdata. i knew the vet that brought the helmet home. i waited many years while it sat in his closet, untill it came up for sale. i reminded him over the years i was still interested lol. some vets i have met, held onto things untill they died. others started giving things away right after they came home, to friends and family.
    this helmet was well kept wraped in a towel sitting on a closet shelf from when he brought it home, untill i bought it. and as you have seen it matches refference pictures that can be found on line. so no matter what one opinion might be, i know it's a good pre 45 helmet. it's nothing exciting. just a light weight civic police helmet. and likely the least valued style of all TR helmets, by helmet collectors. but the condition helps it out some.

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    Okay try this URL:

    Google Image Result for

    Notice there are no arrow tabs, no holes in front of the leather liner and no pad on the inside of the shell's top. Now there were a dozen companies manufacturing parade helmets and lots of variations so anything is possible but to have an honest to goodness $1000 Polizei helmet to be exactly and I mean exactly like a post-war fireman's helmet that sells for $20 is real unlikely.

    The problem with collectors is that the high prices that they are willing to pay have created a black market for fake WWII helmets. The fakes I make are for one purpose only and that is to sit on my shelf for my own amusement. Nobody has seen them except me.

    What I am saying is that I really doubt the authenticity of the helmet in your pictures for good reason.

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