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Oops another/wire -zelt helmet/

Article about: by panzerjaeger44 thats what ithought dont get me wrong im an avid learner but it says it at the top before the pics just checked says soil finding in sudetenland it maybe a case of bad tran

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    have a look at whats hes already sold too hes either a super faker or robbed the loca
    l museum lol

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    Quote by panzerjaeger44 View Post
    have a look at whats hes already sold too hes either a super faker or robbed the loca
    l museum lol

    This guy has got 47 items listed on eBay, everything from tunics to zeltbahns, including a couple of camouflaged, alledged, SS items, with some very high price tags.
    What made me laugh though was that only 1 item has got a bid on it and thats a pair of HJ shoulder straps!
    Unfortunately I don't know enough about WW2 German uniforms to make an educated statement about whether they are genuine or not, BUT, having said that, I will say that, from what I do know, there are one or two items that are setting alarm bells ringing.
    I hope that I'm wrong with my gut feeling, and they are all genuine, if they are NOT genuine, and this guy is selling them as they are, then something needs to be done about him.
    Just my 2 pennorth guys.

    Regards etc

    Ian D
    AKA: Jimpy

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    ......I like the 'cigarette burn hole' on the Zelt cover of the subject helmet..............!


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    This guy has been tying to sell that helmet for months but no buyer.

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    Once again the general opinion is its a wrong one.After seeing the camoed one with wire hes also got to sell it appears to have the odd shaped wire on the crown like the zelt one, and that makes me suspicious.Its a shame if it is a fake again as one like this from the battlefield would be great to have.It give me an idea though i have a splinter helmet cover with no draw string, and now i can put it on with chicken wire to hold it,as i like this confiuqeration,although both are repro repro (IF)these are faked then this guy is going to great lenghts to deffraud buyers out of big money,LV

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    Guys i did tha t now, and it looks great .The splinter cover is on a genuine m40 luft helmet ,i tore it a little and muddied it up a little,then i applied the chicken wire, and gather it around the rim .It forms perfectly to the shape of the helmet .Remember though if im ever selling it, and i have a 500ús price on it as genuine (be ware)rest asured i would never do that,lv

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