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Opinion on M35 Helmet

Article about: All to add that already hasn't been said is original M-35 DD as stated Herr by ET suffers from poor storage might clean up a bit having said that I have owned many like it that turned out ok

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    Default Opinion on M35 Helmet

    Hello All!

    I am relatively new to the forum, But have been collecting for a while & have rad many of the threads on here over the past 4 years. I value your opinions.

    This being said, I recently acquired a M35 Helmet, with out liner or liner band. It exhibits texture to the exterior , and a spot where a decal once was on the right hand side. It is a vet bring back to the U.S. (At the rear of the helmet, below the helmet number is "1943" scratched into the paint) I have taken the best pictures I can from all angles. I have left it "as is" from when I purchased it last night.

    From what I know, it seems to me to be an original shell, but I am unsure and would like some second opinions.

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    It's definitely an original shell, congrats, it's a nice one!

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    Hello, welcome to the forum, your shell is an M35 model, the air vents are separate metal grommets, and if you look closely you can also see the "shadow" of a second decal on the other side of the helmet. With the pictures given I would suggest this was an ex double decal HEER helmet that had the national decal removed as was the directive in 1940. The remains of the adler may well still be beneath the paint on the other side. Is that surface rust all over the exterior or is that a rough textured paint that's turned an odd colour? Leon.
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    Shell is original indeed, looks to be an ET64 M35.


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    Hi All,

    Thank you for the welcome! As mentioned in my original post , I knew it is a M35 Helmet, I acquired it with out liner or liner band. It exhibits texture to the exterior, and a spot on the right hand side where a decal once was, as seen in the photos.

    The helmet is a vet bring back to the U.S. (At the rear of the helmet, below the helmet number is "1943" scratched into the paint)

    I know it was common for vets here in the US to get rid of decals on helmets with overt Nazi symbols.

    Per the orders of 1940, which would mean the decals that would be painted over would be the national colours for Heer (on the right side of the helmet) leaving the Heer Adler on the left.

    Or as per the orders, the National party shield for the SS being painted over (on the left side) , leaving the Rune decal on the right hand side of the helmet.

    As per the photos, the left side was painted or textured over, (where the National Party Shield would be, left hand side of the helmet) for the SS, and given it is the Right side decal that was removed, (where the rune decal would be), Maybe this might be a Waffen SS helmet that the vet who brought it back removed the rune decal. To me this seems likely.

    Is there any way to somehow see the painted over decal on the left hand side of the helmet, with out causing damage to the helmet?

    Best Regards to all

    Don S

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    Not that I am aware Don. For my money this is not an ex-SS helmet from what I see. Welcome to the forum!

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    Thank you Doug, I appreciate it, & thank you for the welcome!

    If you would not mind, would you be so kind as to enplane "why" this might not be a SS helmet? I am curious what to look for in the details that would lead a fellow in one direction or the other on identification.

    Thank you all for your time, I sincerely appreciate it!

    Don S

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    Hi Don it appears to be the early "serified" font ET used in early 35. Precious few of these were SS helmets before lot number 3600. Plus there appears to be nothing in the remains of where the decal is indicating SS. Therefore playing the odds and knowing the long chances I would bet good money it's an ex DD Heer.

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    Thank you Doug, I appreciate it!

    It is interesting that this is a relativity early M35. I appreciate your indulging my question & explaining your reasoning. For many years I collected American Civil War arms and accouterments & a few years ago made the the change over to collecting WW2. I have always felt that giving the "why" one comes to a conclusion regarding authenticity of an item or its attributes is very important and enlightening. Helping folks learn more.

    thank you again

    As I am new to German helmet collecting, What would you recommend in the way of reference books?


    Don S

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    Hi Don I am always happy to explain my rationale behind my opinions, it is difficult to get into detail in every post but I am happy to oblige when asked, and I agree that one must have a sound reason to explain their basis for posting an opinion of something good, bad or otherwise.

    As for reference books I would recommend Germanys Combat Helmets by Ken N and The History of the German Steel Helmet 1916-1945 by L Baer. If you want some SS detail then SS Steel (second print edition) by Kelly Hicks. The first book can be found here Helmetssale
    the one by Baer is long out of print and can be found at a place like Abe's Books or for sale by collectors or dealers from time to time. Kelly's book can be found here SS STEEL Inc. | Finest Original WW2 Steel Helmets on Kelly's site.

    I have many of the helmets featured in all 3 books I am proud to say!

    Good luck with your helmet quest. Buy wisely and post before you buy.

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