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Opinions on EF64 DD M35 please...

Article about: Hi Guys, am looking to buy this helmet. To me shell and decals look ok. I think liner might be ok, but am not sure. this because strap in my opinion is a classic repro. I am asking because I

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    Default Re: Opinions on EF64 DD M35 please...

    Quote by cgp1066 View Post
    Chances are that if this one is in an auction it will hit over 800 even with the fake components. While we are on the subject, does everyone see the liner band rivet on the right side of the bottom picture at the top of the page? One of my own helmets has the rivet bulging out like that. Does anybody know why, I think Doug mentioned something about these one time?


    Rivets can be like that from poor application, a lot of times seen in later wartime helmets. Or they became loose naturally by use. They could have also been tampered with, and that's best verified by checking the inside where the prongs split to hold the liner bands.

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    Default Re: Opinions on EF64 DD M35 please...

    Thanks guys, the helmet I posted is a late war reissue that is basically in unworn condition. The reissued liner, and repaint look factory fresh. I'm going to assume the rivets are bulged out as a result of them never being "broken in". Makes perfect sense to me.

    Back to the DD M35. I agree that the chinstrap looks like a reproduction, but I'm not seeing any red flags with the decals or the liner. It all looks okay to me. Maybe I'm missing something; could somebody please point out what looks fishy? Thanks



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    Refer to my first post.

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    Quote by helmetone View Post
    Refer to my first post.
    What is it about the tricolor that doesn't look quite right? Thanks


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    Default Re: Opinions on EF64 DD M35 please...

    Not even close. DD M40s are rare and pricey when found. This helmet might as well literally have red flags protruding from it, it's that bad.

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    Default Re: Opinions on EF64 DD M35 please...

    Another reason for a rivet to fit poorly is that there may not be a washer inside ,allowing the ends to open slightly and slip outwards

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    It looks to me like an M35 as stated in the thread title, the air vents do not appear stamped, and the paint is dark pea green, common for the 1935 models. The Heer decal looks fine to me, the tri color has a "chalky" look to it, but I don't have a problem with it either. The liner looks original as well, but could have been added post war. Am I by myself on this one?


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    Default Re: Opinions on EF64 DD M35 please...

    I believe you are correct. I enlarged the pics some, and it does look like an M35 by the air vents. My mistake. It does look to have been repainted as the usual small gap between the air vent insert and the shell is not visible. That's common on repainted helmets. I still think this was repainted wartime for M40 specs, and at least the tri color shield is a repro add on. That's how I see it.

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    Default Re: Opinions on EF64 DD M35 please...


    I am by no means an expert, but I always try to look at the pictures, form an opinion, and then move down to see how I did. Often, I do good, sometimes I dont. I have to say, my formed opinion was right on with yours. It all looked good except for the chin strap to me.


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    I just had a look at this one again on the PC versus the ipad (great little device though). I agree with Todd, its and M35, but repainted to an M40 spec. The tri colour looks good but I am yet to see a tri colour applied to a textured finish helmet, well it appears to be textured anyways looking at the decal surface. I dont see any problems with the Heer decal with the pics we have though.

    Chinstrap is clearly brand new repro, no explanation needed, just look at it in comparison to the lid and the buckle shape

    The liner just looks like a dye job to me. The colour just doesnt look real. A more honey brown, or even a more even surface would have been better. I do have a lid myself with a liner of similar colour (m35 to) but its very dry and the tongues are curling. It might not mean anything but I would expect to see the same from this one. The liner ring is certainly not original to the M35 Model helmet as the chinstrap bales have rounded corners, so again M40 spec or whatever the faker could land his hands on. If the leather is real its a M40 spec refurb.

    End of the day I still wouldn't buy it.


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