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Opinions on german helmet

Article about: Hi! I'm new to this forum, and to helmet collecting. Been reading the forum for a while now but never posted. I am still to buy my first helmet and I got an offer to buy this one. The seller

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    Quote by mpnox View Post
    I will get a hold of it next week. Will take photos of liner and close-ups on the decals.
    He got it (for free) from a friend some 20+ years ago that was going to throw it away.

    Based on the pictures above, anyone have a price idea?
    Thinking about $100-$120 in USD (I'm swedish so I will pay in SEK ) but I suspect he wants a bit more. Just a feeling.
    If you get it for that, it will indeed be a bargain!


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    I would need to see more of it before i would pay, even 100 $.
    Ask for more photos of the liner, stamps, etc....

    Its your money, therefore only my opinion.


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    Thank you for all replies!
    I will wait and take a good look at it before I make an offer. I would also appreciate the opinions from this forum when I have uploaded some more detailed photos.

    I think the guy is looking for some more than just a $100. My guess is $200 or more but we have not talked about money yet so I'm not sure. Don't want to rip the guy off either so I would really like to get a good estimated value.
    There is also a single decal Luftwaffe helmet (M35 I think) I will take a look at this week, probably this Friday.
    Funny how two of these pop up close to me in one week.

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    Looks to have a chinstrap also? I would like to see some closeup photos of that too please. (buckle, each end including rivets, makers mark if any, number of holes)

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