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Opinions on this Luftwaffe Camo Helmet

Article about: My last helmet in the collection, please give me your opinions on it

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    Default Opinions on this Luftwaffe Camo Helmet

    My last helmet in the collection, please give me your opinions on it
    Opinions on this Luftwaffe Camo Helmet
    Opinions on this Luftwaffe Camo Helmet

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    Hi, I assume that this is a small size helmet as the vent looks rather large? Looks like an M40, but I am not sure about the ex-whitewash one way or the other. Leon.
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    Hi! yes it is a a small m40, im also not sure about the ex white color. Thanks anyway / Erik

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    Hi, I am pretty sure the helmet guys here will want better pictures, more angles, markings, decal, if there is one, etc, etc.

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    It is a Quist shell I assume. Better pictures are needed, but based upon where you are, my guess is that it is a good ex white wash Camo. Jim G.

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    Piggy backing off of Jim here. Agree with his thoughts.

    When taking more pictures please take clear close up pics of the vent holes and the liner pins as well.

    Looks like a Quist but can you provide the details on the rear inside skirt (i.e. batch number) as well as near the chin strap bales? It should say something like Q62
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    Thanks for the answers, will post more pictures when I get home on Thursday

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    Not seeing the Original color from these photos , it should have the Original color very plainly visible on the inside and a hint of it on the outside.
    Depending on lotnr and the Q stamping it should have a decal and even if a white washed scrubbed helmet it should be there.

    Better photos will tell.

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    I agree hard to authenticate white washes I am skeptical based on what I see. timothy

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