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Orig Camo paint job

Article about: thanks for the reposting the interesting image jeff

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    Default Re: Orig Camo paint job

    Quote by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Well that depends how you look at it, opening ones cake-hole and posting personal opinion, repetitively - which after everyone has heard it enough times somehow gets known as FACT if it remains unchallenged, is also rude, very rude, rude to the item, rude to the other collectors who would possibly believe it.
    So its only "returning the Favor" as well as helping to clarify.

    And besides, this was not rude at all, on the Spitfire-Jo ratio, it was close to LOVE i can tell you.

    Rude? would you agree that an insult, (any insult) must be classed as Rude? of course it must be, just the same as the few nonsense posts here, are an insult to everyones intelligence, in other words, Rude to everyone. Fight Fire with Fire

    But dont detract from the thread with Etiquette - just let it be - and carry on discussing the item with the now, "apparent" new, information.
    You can reach me by PM should you need to, i cant post here anymore..
    1- i dont know about helmets
    2- i know too well how this will turn out
    WOW!!! I am not quite sure how good old Emily Post would characterize this rant. I'm pretty sure that you can still post on this forum, but with that chip on your shoulder, well, maybe you shouldn't. Just one young man's opinion. Cheers, Jim G.

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    Correct AMTG. The paint is not the kind of paint you would find to be applied on military vehicles. It IS glossy. I don't care to much about the light issue here. If it was flat paint it would look flat, even in sunlight. Like this lid i just made myself. Notice the difference in gloss between the Feldgrau Dunkel and the half flat desert/sand paint. The guy in the shop sold me the wrong sand color. You can see a slight shine compared to the all flat and true Feldgray Dunkel.

    Orig Camo paint jobOrig Camo paint jobOrig Camo paint job

    Orig Camo paint jobOrig Camo paint jobPICT0082.jpgPICT0081.jpg

    Orig Camo paint job

    - - Updated - -

    Yes Jim. This guy uses a tone that we do not normally use here among friends.... And he knows jack S... about paint jobs...

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    Default Re: Orig Camo paint job

    The helmet's camo has an unusual yellowish color. I think the paint could have originally been green (if you look on the edge of each stripe you can see specs of the green). It's possible, if it is indeed an original spray camouflage helmet.

    I have heard a lot of good arguments, and I am interested to see how this helmet turns out. I will email Ken a link to this thread.


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    No doubt that the helmet was "greenish" once. But who would want to camo his helmet with a high gloss paint, of any color? And where would he find this in the rear echelons? Think about the moon shining down on that lid. It is just a strange paint job and it looks modern to me. I could of course be wrong.

    Regards, Lars

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    Thanks Datrus, I don't have pics of my repro is currently buried in the backyard of my house 1000 ks away...just a small experiment!

    I personaly would be suspect of this lid....

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    Default Re: Orig Camo paint job

    Cool. Fill me in on that when time comes mate

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    Got another 6 months at least! Just wanting to see how she comes out of the's a total repro, bought it for a mate to use, as he is in Amateur dramatics, so I paint it up for him as he wants for his play!

    The closest I'm going to come to digging up my own German helmet

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    Just click on the photo for a clearer image.

    Orig Camo paint job

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    Default Re: Orig Camo paint job

    Metallwarenfabrik, The photo you posted shows a man painting a flag center with a stencil. He is Using the stencil for the simple fact that the Sprayer he is using is a wide dispersal nozzle sprayer. The overspray it produced is clearly seen on the stencil afterwards. Anyone that has ever spray painted a car knows this obvious fact. The Helmet in question shows distinctly the use of a extremely fine line artist style of sprayer. No one here-myself or anyone else-has denied the fact that the German military did indeed use spray painting. Of Course they did. They used them to paint their vehicles, their equipment and other large area items in need of paint. Now show us a photo of a German armory worker using a miniature precision air sprayer to put fine detailed and narrow width pattern work on their helmets. From the fogged out edges of the pattern work on this helmet, it is obvious that no stencil was used. How then do you suppose they produced this neat little worm trail paint pattern? These fine detail miniature artist spray painters were not in use then and they did not appear until some considerable time later. And they were Certainly not standard field equipment for the average Wehrmacht unit in the field.
    As has been said, everyone has the right to hold their own opinions on any subject they choose. Coming in with both barrels and using insulting terms like "unbased myth-spreading" and "opening your cake hole" is hardly courtesy on a public forum. Using the word "rude" Four times in a single sentence? Seriously? You believe absolutely that you are right-that the German military in WWII carried and used precision miniature spray painters-and I do not. I have never seen a period photo of any German using such a device to camouflage a helmet or any other small piece of equipment. If you have, please do share such photos with the forum here. Bottom line, I do believe that the helmet in question is genuine-but the applied camouflage is not. I'm not purchasing the helmet and I don't personally know anyone that is thinking of doing so. In the end, all a person can do is offer their opinion with whatever reasoning they have used to come to that particular opinion. What the result of this is, is solely up to the purchaser to use or not use as they please.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Orig Camo paint job

    Let's keep it civil gents, return back to matters at hand. Ken offered his opinion, unsure if that's a COA or not. I like Ken agree that it's not a one looker and will be controversial.

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