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Orig Camo paint job

Article about: thanks for the reposting the interesting image jeff

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    Ive read with interest the comments stated here, of course they used industrial spray guns both at the factory and some at rear echelon areas and stencils were used for vehicles , aircraft etc, this was not an exact science when spraying a helmet in the field however, normally the entire helmet was sprayed a different colour to match the terrain, any detailed camoflage was applied using a brush in order to avoid an overspray otherwise it would defeat the object of breaking the overall outline of the helmet, if an industrial spray gun was used to apply a camo then the gun would need to be held very close and this in effect would apply a very heavy coating of that particular colour and again overspray would be a problem, its the same when using a spray can, get too close and you end up with paint runs because of a heavy build up of paint , in my opinion for what its worth is that this particular helmet had its paint applied post war, perhaps many yrs ago but not with an industrial spray gun, now if anyone posts a thread, and photo for opinions thats what you get based on informed knowledge, you may not agree with the opinions given and that is your right to do so, BUT GRACIOUSLY, without resorting to childish playground insults, this forum remains a cut above the rest because of the way we behave towards each other,and that is respect given to each and every member regardless of experience, length of membership etc, no matter how knowlegable we think we are there is always someone who knows more and that is why differing opinions are given and a healthy discussion can take place without the antics of a scolded child, perhaps new members should take the time to read and fully understand the forum rules

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    I think we can call this one done and dusted

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    agreed! the two big coachbuilders have spoken..

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    I for some reason do not get email notifications from this thread. So i will put my last comment a little late. Ken comes up with a good answer, and as i have said earlier, there is also some things that looks good regarding the paint. The wear pattern of what he calls it, looks to some degree ok. It will take scientific analysis of the paint to get a conclusive answer on this issue. I will stick to my opinion that this is a post war job. As whole it just does not look right. The way the paint is applied and the way that the good decal strangely enough is still visible and the glossy paint.

    Regards, Lars

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    Just wanted to add this interesting pic I found. Not trying to offer opinion either way on paint or paint techniques and equipment just thought it was an interesting shot I cant recall seeing too many of (but i'm sure theres probably many) that shows a soldier painting camo on a helmet. The caption with it stated this soldier was repainting the camo on helmet for upcoming spring thaw. It fooled me at first and looked like he was painting it white for snow camo when he's actually painting over snow camo with camo appropriate for spring season. This doesn't appear to be a "rear eschelon" pic but more of an in the field pic. I'm sure at the regiment or division level there was probably more expedient methods and equipment for this, but IMO if it were my own helmet and I was wearing in the field and during combat I'd want to paint my own helmet. Sorry if I strayed off the original post subject with this picture. I just thought it would be useful maybe with the discussion differences I've read in this post. Thanks, Jeff
    Attachment 375111 Sorry the quality isn't better. And that I cant post the picture directly on here. Not sure why sometimes it'll let me then other times it posts as an attachment.

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    hi mate, the attachment doesnt show which is a shame, sounds interesting

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    Default Re: Orig Camo paint job's a photo of winter camo being applied to a helmet by, apparently, Sylvester Stallone in an SS uniform...

    Orig Camo paint job

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I can hear him now ..... " yo Adrian, You gotta be a moron... you gotta be a moron to wanna be a fighter" ( Rocky 1976 .... or Russia 1943??)

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    So this is what he does when he isn't beating up commies...

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    Orig Camo paint jobBummer my attachment didn't work. Will try one more time here although I don't think it's as good as the Rocky pic. too funny! Now i'm gonna have eye of the tiger song stuck in my head for days.

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