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Original KM Decal??

Article about: by Schwerpunkt That's a trick you best pretend you never heard. Fake decals spotting just requires a good set of eyes and the memorisation of all original decal graphics. It takes commitment

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    Quote by infin1ty92 View Post
    Oh crap... Seriously, i would fall for it, so I say its real. It just looks real to me. But i'm no expert :P

    However, I don't like how the paint somehow goes over the decal in its sides.... But that could possibly just be due to a field repaint... right.

    - Johan

    Nope good try though

    Ok a bit of a hint. It IS gold, not toned heer

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    Circuit advertisement Original KM Decal??
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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    Is the close up photo of the same decal John?

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    It is Jim

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    To me it is a fake I do not like that decal ,the shell should be EF.

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    It's one of the "better" fakes around , although once you know it it won't harm you anymore.

    Apart from the fact that it doesn't represent any of the known decals the yellow shadow under the swastika should bring up a red flag. The close-ups also shows it as a modern print with all the little dots.

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    Thanks Frank

    As you said, one of the "better" fakes around.

    Gents, this is a dangerous fake for those that do not study that area. It really had nothing to do with the paint falling over the side, the scratched off bit at the top (although this actually adds to its "authenticity") or a round bottom fake, or its distorted head Once you know why it's easy to spot, however, there are one or three "dealers" out there, that insist this decal is real. It is found on army lids and KM ones...........Oh and one other thing, Jim was spot on as it should not have been on an SE lid

    I hope that its has been useful. I'm not trying to patronise anyone, just try and educate a little, because I hate to see people ripped off

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    Thanks...this sort of thing is very educational. I appreciate all the effort.

    I listen to what all you cats have to say about knowing before you buy, and the best way is to see as much as you can. Here in Canada, in Southern Ontario, I am lucky to see in person maybe 1 Third Reich helmet every year, at an antique show, or collectors show. I can only see them regularly in books, and now on this forum.
    You cats across the pond have by far more access to gear then we do here.

    One day I think I need to take a trip over there and do more purchasing, than sight seeing.

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    Question to the Moderator, is there a way to block a particular member's posts from my in box? I am probably not alone on this. Thanks, Jim G.

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    I will second that Jim. I'm not sure what this guy is into, but it doesn't appear to be helmets or learning about them. I have yet to read a comment from this person that has been helpful or interesting.

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    Default Re: Original KM Decal??

    Quote by Stahlhelmexpert View Post
    Serously Brandon I thought you were better looking at decals. its fake, okay? Gosh... noob
    When are you going to contribute anything worthwhile to this community?

    I don't really care if you are sarcastic, or you think you are funny. What I care about is keeping up the standard of a very successful forum.

    It is people like yourself that give forums a bad name. We are all here to learn, and if you are such an expert, maybe I've read one of your books? you never know, until that time comes.............Au Renoir.

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