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Original M40 Helmet?

Article about: What do you think about this helmet? I know the liner and straps are not original, the painting looks original, but I have a doubt about the decals. Thanks for help.

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    pics don't work for me mate.

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    I think it's ok now.

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    If you try to move the wire, does it bend easily or appear to be brittle?

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    It's not brittle and I can bend it, but it's very hard to bend. And I can't move the part that is covering the decal without damage it.

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    sorry but im not a fan of this one
    regards Paul

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    The only real part of this lid is the shell, the rest is a fabrication. The biggest and easiest problem to spot is the holes in the front of the liner. This makes it a post war liner that's been aged to suit. The live orange rust around the pins and wire again points to the aging and decals looks sanded down. Built to deceive in my opinion.


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    I agree with Volksjager's assessment - and can add that the decals have no layering to them or base showing - in other words they are a 'one layer transfer' and totally unlike what they should be for the period. I have much to learn but there are some veteran decal folk on here like DougB, Schwerpunkt and others that advise us to look for indicators such as these. Learn a few key features to check off like that pointed out and next time you may have more success.

    Chin up, live, learn and collect on!!
    Cheers, Dan

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    Let me get this straight.

    An SS M40, with camo paint, double decals, intact chinstrap, and wire?

    Yeah, okay. I have my doubts too, just looking at it. From far away it looks cool. The best luck to you!

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