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Over the moon!

Article about: I paid 225 euros for all three items, not cheap for what it is, but not to bad either. I reckon the buckle and belt are wurth about 100 euros, the amo pouch 30 euros, and the lid 150 euros.

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    Default Over the moon!

    Got a phone call yesterday from a picker from Belgium. He had found some military stuff in a barn in Belgium yesterday morning that he bought of the farmer, and he thought it may interest me. So he asked me to flick on the web-cam to show me what he had bought, and he wanted to know what they pieces where.
    He showed me a very nice M35 or M40 lid with salty liner, rusty but still with loads of paint on it that had been hanging in the barn for ages. Couldn't see any decals, but I haven't seen it in hand yet. The chin strap is missing I saw, but it looks really great, and I have no questions or doubts about the lid.
    The other find from the same barn was a very nice buckle and belt dated 1941 in lovely green paint, with one K98 amo pouch on it.
    He had picked it at a barn and paid 200 euros for the lot, so I asked him if he was willing to sell the items to me. He wanted a profit, and I ended up paying 225 euros for the lid, belt and amo-pouch. I am so over the moon, I could hardly sleep last night! i just want them in my hands ASAP. As he has put them a side for me now to pick-up next week I even phoned him at night to ask him not to touch the items any more, and to not clean any rust or dust; I want them just as they were found. Because I cant pick them up before one or two weeks I've asked him to send me some pictures, and I'll post them as soon as I have them.
    Just cant wait to have that lid in hands and see all its secrets, maybe a name, maybe a hidden decal....who knows?
    I know its only a rusty salty lid, but Im affraid its going to keep me awake tonight again!
    Post the pictures as soon as I have them!
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    Mate I cannot wait

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    I love to read this enthusiasm!!! It's the anticipation of receiving the items that is almost as good as the long term ownership and study of them that puts the thrill into the hobby!

    Good luck!

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    I love to read this enthusiasm!!! It's the anticipation of receiving the items that is almost as good as the long term ownership and study of them that puts the thrill into the hobby!

    Good luck!
    Agree, I know the feeling of anticipation and the excitement of a new find.

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    Anxious to see the items. Thanks for letting us know and will look forward to seeing pics.

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    Hi Feurbach , sounds intriguing, the excitement of the unknown is always a buzz. Lets hope when you get them that it's an ex M35 double decal SS with field overpaint and the ammo pouch has the owners Ritterkruez tucked inside!! Good luck. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    You never know your luck in the big city!

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    I have a new luger en route, probably wont get it until Tuesday, I hate waiting lol

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    You no nothing of waiting until you order something to Australia.

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    I have an SS ID tag coming from Russia and an M17 camo helmet coming from Belgium at the moment. Both have yet to arrive at my shipping forwarder in the UK before being sent on to me here in Qatar. I try not to worry about delay or possible loss as there's enough stress in life as it is without adding more!

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