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Partial decal SS helmet ?

Article about: I have this helmet sitting around an M-40 I believe. It has a painted over SS decal partial showing. Not a helmet collector the liner is size 56. The skirt is marked ET64 on the side, and th

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    Pretty sure the strap is a repro.........


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    Circuit advertisement Partial decal SS helmet ?
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    The paint is a sandy brown color, and very fough textured feels like dirt, sand, and debris in the paint. Don't know?

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    Strap stinks like it's been wet before. Dried very stiff , and the reverse is black

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    Putting it out in the sun for several months will
    stiffen the leather sufficiently. Does it have
    a chemical-like odor........?


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    This is one that I would avoid at all costs. The liner and strap are fake. The Camo in the second picture is over the rivet, so to me it is obvious that the Camo is bad. The small portion of the decal that is showing certainly looks bad. To me it is just a real shell with post war components added to deceive. Sorry, but I don't like anything about it. Jim G.

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    No no chemical odor. Smells like wet leather that dried?

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    The paint has no chemically smell. In fact it smells like the metal from the helmet

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    The liner is dry not too brittle, but missing a finger towards the rear. The band underneath is aluminum with heavy oxidation and rust all around it plus on it from the helmet?

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    I'd like to thank everybody who looked at the helmet

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    Hi, the guy's are bang on I'm afraid, this is a re-worked shell and not an original SS cammo. The over paint is trying to look like wood chip, but it just does not look right at all and has no age to it. Leon.
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