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Picked this up, M35

Article about: Looks like a sweet deal! Plus, I have the same toothbrushes!

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    Default Picked this up, M35

    I am very very new to these. Not really a collector just happened into this one. I think is a M35. But I really have know clue. Is there anyway to tell if its a fake or not? I am guessing it is a fake cause the condition, but I do know its been sitting around a hunt club just hanging on the wall for many many years. I did some digging on the stamps and they are all correct. Is there anything I can look for to tell if its the real deal or not? Either way its pretty neat but would be alot cooler if it is in fact real. I can get more pics if needed. Thanks fella's

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    Default Re: Picked this up, M35

    Better photos are needed. Like close ups of the decals using a macro camera setting and the inside of the helmet.

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    Default Re: Picked this up, M35

    As Nathan said much clearer close ups needed, all markings inside, liner, decals taken in daylight straight on and close shots

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    Default Re: Picked this up, M35

    It is a model 40 from what I can see so far.
    Please show pictures of the inside of the helmet .

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    Default Re: Picked this up, M35

    I dont have a good camera. Just whats on my phone. The decals are alittle more mettalic looking than they appear in the pics. If you need any other specific pics let me know.

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    I say this is 100% correct and period. Its an M40 helmet, decals look good to the paint. Just looked up the lot number and its matches, SE64 Lotnr#8084 is for an M40 DD Polizei.

    Well done I like it

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    Default Re: Picked this up, M35

    Well it certainly starts to tick all the right boxes, nice original lid M40, reasonable liner with draw string, nicely marked, colour looks to be ok, as for the decals, im not too up on the police decals so i will leave that to others, but i like it, have you bought this if not i would asap, i would think its possibly a $400 helmet if not a bit more if the decals prove original

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    Well thats cool. I got this for free. It was hanging on the wall of a old hunt club I honestly am not a collector, I just thought it looked cool and the guy gave it to me. As much as it will pain some, I will probly just sell it. I would rather someone who really will enjoy it have it. Plus I can feed my ar15 for a good bit with the money Although i really do like the old thing so who knows.

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    Default Re: Picked this up, M35

    If thats the case then you are one hell of a lucky fella, i wish someone would give me a decent lid like that

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