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PLA Stahlhelm

Article about: Hello, i just found this on google. PLA stahlhelm The other Is these original german m35?

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    Question PLA Stahlhelm

    Hello, i just found this on google. PLA stahlhelm

    The other

    Is these original german m35?

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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    Interesting, as some did wear M35 German helmets.
    Can't say if it is good or not - Post-war.........?


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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    Nice piece! I am not too sure either on the ins & outs of these helmets. It does look like an export M35 although I would guess post war reissue maybe as the insignia worn around WW2 period was different I believe. They did indeed have there own produced liners. Check this link! The Online Guide to World War II German Helmets Nice piece either way. Cheers! Sean.

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    The Germans did ship M35 helmets to the National Army of China so it stands to reason they were converted post civil war. These do look quite real. Would be interested to get the lot and maker as then it could be verified but those sure are interesting!

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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    I like the look of it. In my opinion the coat of paint is probably late war period or late 40`s.
    Very interesting.

    Put a side the model, simply compare with the 1940`s standard paint scheme of our helmets.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture PLA Stahlhelm   PLA Stahlhelm  

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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    I quite like the look of it too. The liner band looks to be a German one, from the chinstrap bales that we can see. Would this shell be marked Doug? I thought early export models (1935?) would not be stamped, should be ET though if marked right?

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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    Ah i see, but one question remain. Is this the original german or the chinese cloned? I heard that china cloned the stahlhelm after the german decide to stop the armament support during the sino-japanese war. Is this true? And i also read beside cloning m35, china also cloning japanese m30/32 and it's still used until 1990's. I wonder if this also happened with the ex-m35.

    And this stahlhelm also used by the PLA navy too

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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    It would be tough to say without an inspection, it has a good chance of being German manufacture with that liner band though IMO. A straight on profile photo might help to determine.

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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    Hmm i guess someone must contact mr. xu yibing. He has some chinese stahlhelm

    And this is one of his collection, an m30/32 helmet converted into manure scoop. And there's also a blue paint stahlhelm, could it be that the PLA navy stahlhelm?

    Also this is the other stahlhlem photo i found

    And a nationalist stahlhelm but with non-decaled emblem version?

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    Default Re: PLA Stahlhelm

    The M42 in the pic above is an M40.


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