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Please help -m42 luft helmet - flight crew?

Article about: Hello, I have been asked to make an offer on this helmet. Can you tell me whether it is authentic (paint/decal)? Also what is a fair value? Annoyed from this ads?   I was told by the se

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    Default Please help -m42 luft helmet - flight crew?

    I have been asked to make an offer on this helmet.
    Can you tell me whether it is authentic (paint/decal)?
    Also what is a fair value?
    I was told by the seller that it was painted black by Luft flight crew.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Hard to say from those pics if the paint is period. Even if it is, it's still missing a strap and the liner is rough. In my opinion a few hundred max.

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    Better pictures are needed.

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    Could be a flak unit I suppose if the paint is original. (did they even use gloss black?)

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    Hi, I have seen a few luftwaffe helmets period painted black, but I would say it was more likely to have been a Flak crew helmet than an air crew lid. Better close up images are needed though to give a proper opinion. Leon.
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    Quote by anton67 View Post
    I have been asked to make an offer on this helmet.
    Can you tell me whether it is authentic (paint/decal)?
    Also what is a fair value?
    I was told by the seller that it was painted black by Luft flight crew.
    Thank you in advance.
    In my opinion the first rule of collecting (and negotiations) is; Do NOT make offers.

    It puts you automatically in a defensive position. The seller is the one responsible for justifying his price. Ask what the seller wants out of it. If the seller insists on you making the offer you know the seller is out to screw you. So, screw him, walk. Asking the seller for their price you also know the intent of the seller, are they trying to be fair or screw you for every nickel they can get? If the seller is trying to be fair you will both come to a price fast, unless your trying to screw over the seller which I have seen all to often as well.

    Making an offer guaranteed you are either going to be way to high, or the seller will counter . If he accepts your first offer you were much too high, if he counters you are giving him the initiative now.

    A fair way is to simply ask what a seller needs, and you will know the sellers intent.

    And remember there are precious few helmets you "have to have". There are on any given day hundreds upon hundreds of helmets in this condition for sale so who cares if you don't get it. Don't get emotionally attached to the negotiation on a helmet like this. If the seller won't give you a price then thank him or her for their time and walk away.

    I do not for the life of me understand why collectors give the power of price up all the time to the seller by "having to make an offer". Then complain prices are too high in this hobby.

    Just a story, there is a collector who had an SS helmet I was interested in and I asked that if it were to be made available I wouldn't mind an opportunity to buy it. When the day came the collector asked for an offer which I refused to do, and just said I don't do that, please just let me know what you need for it. The seller asked for more than double what I felt it was worth (and I know the SS helmet market fairly well I'd say).

    Now I knew the seller was trying to fleece me for every penny, which I didn't appreciate, but thanked him and said no thank you, good luck. The PM's came fast and furious each time several thousand dollars lower. I simply said no thanks. I no longer wanted to deal with someone who wanted to screw me over. I was so turned off by it I no longer wanted the helmet. Bought something else from a fair collector instead.

    That said I have overpaid for items but it was my decision to.

    But by insisting for a price, and not making offers, you find out who the fair and reasonable dealers and collectors are in the hobby real quick. The ones that are just in this for the money, and there are a lot of them who view this as not a hobby but as a way to supplement their income, aren't worth the time of day. They aren't worth it. And there's plenty of "fish in the sea".

    So that is my "Rant o' the Day".

    But it is well intentioned.

    And personally I wouldn't waste a second with this helmet. The black paint I doubt is period, the seller doesn't have a clue what they are talking about, and I am not sure that eagle is even real, the photo is not clear enough. Are you sure the eagle is real? Finally the condition of the interior of helmet is quite poor.

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    Thank you for the advice so far.
    I just spoke to the seller.
    He is going to take better photos and email them to me tonight.
    He says the black is really not as shiny as it looks in the photos.
    He also said he had it up on ebay starting bid $349 and had a bid and some watchers.
    So I guess you can say that is the price he is asking.
    I will post the photos when I get them and maybe you guys can give me a better idea of value.

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    If I had a bid above that on Ebay, I would have sold it, and I am sure he would have too - unless they pulled the advert because of their stupid rules. That is way too high. Be patient. I picked up a nice SD Luft for under $200 from a pawn shop, and I wasn't really looking for one at the time. Good deals are out there, and I totally agree with Doug, I hate people who want offers!! I usually start with a $50 one, get a no from them, and then loose their email address!

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    Doug is spot on. Not much to add to what he said. The way I see it, when someone asks me to make an offer I tell them it's their item, not mine. It's not my job to sell it to myself.

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    Agree with all on the color of Luft Flak units that some are found painted black. If I might add Flight crews did use steel helmets worn over flight helments Anders Skote shows several period pictures however he states the liners were removed to give a better fit. There were some worn in the battle of Brittan with the sides pounded out to accept the avaintoics of the flight helmet. Just my IMO. timothy

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