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Please help - opportunity to purchase heer & luft helmets

Article about: Hello, I was offered these two helmets. I would like to know whether they look authentic? Also what are their approximate value (each)? Annoyed from this ads?   I just would like a ball

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    OK, the seller wants $1,200 for both.
    I asked him if he would sell them separately and he has not gotten back to me yet.
    I will post it as soon as he does.
    Sounds high based on your assessments.

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    A little to high for ME but it all about what the buyer wants or "needs". Marty

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    Private seller to a collector? Try and negotiate a little buy both my friend I loved helms like this at 10yrs and I still love them at 60! they will look terrific in your collection, check out the liners, interiors,,,, man these are nice helms imo.

    Good Luck

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    Quote by anton67 View Post
    OK, the seller wants $1,200 for both.
    I asked him if he would sell them separately and he has not gotten back to me yet.
    I will post it as soon as he does.
    Sounds high based on your assessments.
    That to me is perfectly reasonable.

    I do not subscribe to the "private seller vs dealer" thing. You always hear that when people want to buy, but when those same people want to sell, its a different story. Then its "well dealers sell for this price...". I find it very hypocritical.

    Please note, I am not calling out anyone on this forum or any others, I am merely citing an observation.

    The bottom line, the price is reasonable. If you want to grind him, grind away and see where you can meet on price he is willing to sell at and your willing to buy at.

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    I totally agree, Doug. It should be mentioned, for my part, that I differentiate between "private sellers" and "collectors" as well within the context of this topic --- but in the end I find it's often very individual what people sell their items for, no matter if it's someone that has inherited or found an item they simply want to get rid of, a collector or a dealer. IMO the buyer should make up his mind beforehand and if the asking price exceeds his max. price he/she should walk away --- at least when we're talking about common items such as these two helmets.

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    I like the helmets, I really, really like the true combat or been there look. Marty

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    It's me that's off on the price thing, I'm a collector of AAF patches and insignia and don't buy from dealers. I just don't have the room to keep everything or the money to buy German helmets from a dealer. However, I do pick up just about anything that comes along because it's all pretty scarce these days. From my position, I view dealers as guys who spend money on shows, Ebay fees, Business cards, and countless other costs as opposed to the Craigslist guy or flea market vendor just flipping something. So they tend to be a little more pricey and rightfully so I guess. On the other hand, dealers have taught me hard lessons in the past to buy a low as possible and that's where my approach comes from. I've put in about thirty years and and made a lot of costly mistakes learning how to buy so the average Joe that'll sell a German lid for 200- probably paid 50- and there's a little meat on the bone for everyone as it gets passed along.

    So for 1200- I think we could all take a day and sort through a bunch of them taking your pick.

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    OK, here is what he told me:
    The helmets were bought from
    The decal helmets have full liners and chin straps. I want $1200 for both.

    When I asked if he would sell them separately and if so how much, he responded $600.
    So I could buy one of them for $600.

    Has anyone dealt with WW2germanhelmets before?
    If so, what is their reputation?

    Oh BTW, I can really only afford one of these so which one would you pick?


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    Well, so he's obviously a collector if that's correct. That site is a good one and trusted. $600 per isn't bad imo but personally I'd pick the Luftwaffe over the Heer give the treated liner and not original liner string on the latter (Heer). The Luftwaffe helmet seems, to my eyes going by the photos provided, to be largely untouched and also complete. This being a collector you're dealing with I'm guessing he's not that willing to go down in price, as I'm guessing he paid a bit more for these on there already. My 2 cents, as they say...

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    I thought generally that Heer helmets were worth more.
    Also the pins on the Luft appear worn.
    Does that concern anyone?
    Could the liner have been replaced?

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