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Police Helmet ?

Article about: Hi, Renaissance Wax is a brand of microcrystalline wax polish that is widely used in antique restoration and museum curation. I've used it and it is effective - it leaves a matt shine but do

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    Default Police Helmet ?

    Originally Black, Decals are quite reasonable condition. But without Sanding it, how should I best get rid of the rust. Internal liner and straps are in very good condition. Discovered in Step-Fathers garage, along with 303 and Sten Bullets. Still looking for the Gun, he thinks he buried it, just can't remember where. Or is that an excuse to get me to dig the garden for him ?
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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    DON'T sand it. I would leave it as is. Jim G.

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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    I bet he buried it in the garden.

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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    Get the shovel and start digging!

    Nice lid, I wouldnt touch it with anything, just leave it be

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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    Any chance of seeing closer shots of all the helmet, internals as well, decals and rusted areas

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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    More Photo's to follow in a day or so. thanks for the replies.

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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    As promised, more images. Whilst the rust on the top is heavy, there is no obvious deep rust. the helmet retaining a solidity when tapped.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Police Helmet ?   Police Helmet ?  

    Police Helmet ?   Police Helmet ?  

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    Although there is a firm metal base, the rust has gone quite deep especially on top, you need to use a stiff bristle brush and remove the flaky rust, then the whole helmet needs to be sealed with a wax, rennaisance would be best for this, the idea is to prevent the deep rust going deeper, dont brush over the decals, you will lose some paint from the top but only the rusted areas

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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    I like the decals. Kind of strange, the amount of rust on the outside doesn't match amount of rust on interior. Looks like it sat upside down in water.


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    Default Re: Police Helmet ?

    Nice helmet, the most I would do is remove the flaky stuff and use that fih oil on this one.

    Can you explain what the renaissance wax is???

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